Celeste Perrault
240px-Celeste Perrault
Tanya Boyd As Celeste Perrault
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Tanya Boyd (1994–2007)
Beverly Todd (2012)
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 1994–2007, 2012
First appearance April 11, 1994
Last appearance June 29, 2012
Cause/reason Left Town
Created by James E. Reilly
Alias(es) Francesca Perrault
Gender Female
Occupation Residential Psychic
Residence Formally Salem, USA
150px-Beverly Todd
Beverly Todd As Celeste Perrault
Siblings Grace Brooks
Romances Stefano DiMera †(?)
Children Cameron Davis
Lexie Carver
Grandchildren Theo Carver
Nieces and nephews Grace Jeffries

Celeste Perrault (previously Francesca "Frankie" Brooks) is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives portrayed by Tanya Boyd from 1994-2012. Beverly Todd took over the role in 2012 for a short stint.


Celeste was portrayed by Tanya Boyd from 1994 to October 2007. In 2012, it was originally confirmed that Boyd would reprise the role of Celeste later that year however, it was then confirmed that, due to scheduling conflicts, Beverly Todd would take over the role for a seven-to-ten episode arc. Todd debuted April 3, 2012. A first look of Todd's appearance on the drama was released on January 23, 2012, by Soap Opera Digest. Fellow actress Renée Jones (who plays her onscreen daughter) praised Todd's appearance and has stated she is very happy to work with her.


Celeste was originally introduced in April 1994 as Stefano DiMera's confidante and former lover at the Maison Blanche plantation in New Orleans. Celeste is a Creole woman with psychokinetic powers (mostly ESP but also spell casting) whose past was originally shrouded in much secrecy. Later, it was revealed that Celeste was Lexie Carver's "Aunt Frankie." In 1996, however, Lexie found out that Celeste was her mother, and that she had been adopted by her "Aunt Frankie's" sister, Grace.

Taking a break from Salem, Celeste traveled the world. During her travels she spent time in Tibet, becoming in tune with the spiritual world. It was here she honed her supernatural powers and through premonitions of Lexie's health and happiness, Celeste returned to Salem. Celeste stood by helpless, as Lexie was consumed by her devotion to her son Isaac and her DiMera heritage.

Celeste tried to bring Lexie and her husband Abe back together, but her attempts seemed futile as Abe wanted no part of his DiMera wife. When Zack and Hope were kidnapped, Celeste believed her daughter had fallen far enough to be part of this ugly crime, however Lexie wasn't. Hope had been kidnapped by her former husband, Larry Welch.

Since then, Celeste has largely reformed and stayed out of Stefano's grip, but falls back from time to time due to her psychic abilities, and is very much in demand to help solve police cases. She was instrumental in predicting who the Salem Stalker would victimize in 2003 & 2004.

Celeste returned to Salem in April 2012 begging her daughter Lexie to get medical tests done that night, claiming she would be in great danger if she did not. As it turned out, Lexie was indeed in danger. She had developed a brain tumor from her time being held captive in the tunnels under Salem. Celeste informs her daughter that she has another son, Dr. Cameron Davis. Lexie attempted to get to know Cameron. Lexie died on June 20, 2012 and Celeste left town shortly thereafter.


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