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Chris Kositchek
Chris Kositchek
Josh Taylor as Chris Kositchek

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Portrayed by

Josh Taylor (1977-1987)

Chris Kositchek was a former manager of Shenanigans, potential love interest for Marlena Evans, and ex-fiance to Kayla Brady.  Chris was portrayed by Josh Taylor, but shortly after the character became a lawyer, his role in Salem became less significant (as Josh Taylor was cast in the role of Michael Hogan on the television series "The Hogan Family") and he was quietly phased out of the show.  Josh Taylor would later return to Days of our Lives in 1997, taking over the role of Roman Brady.  


Stan Kositchek (Father)

Jake Kositchek (Brother)

Amy Kositchek (Sister)

Brooke Hamilton and Chris Kositchek
Chris Kositchek and Brooke Hamilton
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