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Ciara Alice Brady is the daughter of Bo and Hope Brady . She is the sister of Shawn Douglas Brady and the late Zack Brady, and is the half-sister of Chelsea Brady.

Ciara was born while Hope was being held hostage by Patrick Lockhart in a wearhouse At the time, it was believed that Patrick could be Ciara's father. After Hope gave birth, Patrick was arrested and he admitted Bo was Ciara's father. Ciara became good friends with Theo Carver.

In 2009, Ciara was kidnapped by officer Dean Hartman and his henchmen. Though Ciara was rescued, Bo and Hope split up, and Bo reconnected with old flame Carly Manning, but he and Hope eventually reunited. In 2012, Bo left town, and did not return. Ciara started acting it and got into a fight with a Chase Jennings, such brought Hope into conflict with Aiden Jennings

Hope and Aiden eventually fell in love, and Ciara and Chase started to get along. Though Ciara missed her father, she was happy for her, and said she liked Aiden and Chase, though Ciara later admitted that even though she likes Aiden, she still really misses her father.

Ciara offered to steal Chase a jacket that he really liked, but Doug and Julie overheard her. Julie told Ciara about how she had been caught shoplifting when she was Ciara's age. She said Ciara was just like her, and she Julie had to learn the hard way. She asked Ciara what was wrong. Ciara said she was really happy for her mom, and that even though she liked Aiden; he's not her father. Ciara cried that the jacket reminded her of her father, and that she misses him. Ciara kissed Theo on the cheek at midnight.

Ciara and Chase had heard that Hope had been attacked and went to see her. Ciara was happy to see Bo, and was angry that Aiden had tried to kill Hope. She is so angry that she has trouble reaching out to Chase as he is a reminder of what his father had tried to do Hope. With Bo back, Ciara is determined to get her parents back together, but she also reaches out to Chase, and vows they will get through it together.

Unfortunately, Bo dies soon after returning home due to a brain tumour, leaving Ciara crushed. Ciara leans on Chase for support, and asks him to come to Bo's funeral. Ciara continued to worry about Hope, who has become withdrawn since Bo's death, and she is eventually captured by the same people, who had captured Bo.

Hope rescues Ciara, and soon after, Ciara is furious to find out that Theo is beng bulled. She assures Theo she will find out who is bullying him, and put a stop to it.

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