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Colin Murphy
Colin Murphy
Justin Melvey as Colin Murphy

First Appearance

July 27, 2001

Last Appearance

October 2004 (death)


Presumed dead after the destruction of Andre's Island.

Portrayed by

Robert Cuthill (2001)

Justin Melvey (2001-2004)

Colin Murphy is the nephew of Shawn Brady Sr.. He came to Salem in 2001 and worked closely with the DiMera family. Colin has been romantically linked with Nicole Walker and Jennifer Horton. He is the cousin of Bo Brady (via adoption), Roman Brady, Kayla Brady, John Black and Kimberly Brady. He was presumed dead after the destruction of Melaswen.

Dirty Colin

Justin Melvey portrayed Colin from 2001-2004.

Investigating Colin Murphy 1009:58

Investigating Colin Murphy 10

Clips from featuring Colin (Aug 2002)

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