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Eugene Bradford
Eugene Bradford
John de Lancie as Eugene Bradford

First Appearance

January 1982

Last Appearance



Disappeared in his Time Machine

Portrayed by

John de Lancie (1982-1986; 1989)

Eugene Bradford was an inventor and best friend to Marlena Evans during his time in Salem.  When first introduced, Eugene was an unstable and threatening character that was suspected of being behind the Salem Strangler murders.  After being exonerated, he developed into a more light-hearted comical character that was known for having psychic impressions. He also considered himself a distant cousin of the DiMera family through one of his ex-wives.

Character HistoryEdit

The Salem Strangler Edit

Eugene was introduced during the Salem Strangler storyline.  His wife had been murdered by the Strangler, and Eugene was convinced that he had been the one to do it though he did not remember comitting the crime.  The guilt he carried led him to become unstable and went as far as to kidnap Marlena Evans.  During her time with Eugene, Marlena began to sympathise with him and eventually helped to prove his innocence in the murder of his wife.  Jake Kositchek was eventually revealed as the Strangler and admitted to killing Eugene's wife as well as all of his other victims. 



Eugene kidnaps Marlena

Death of Trista Evans and the Salem SlasherEdit

After the death of his first wife, Eugene eventually found love again in Marlena's cousin Trista Evans .  They were married and lived together happily for only a few short months before tragedy struck again and Eugene's wife was again killed by a deranged serial killer--this time, the Salem Slasher.  Once more, Eugene became a suspect in the murders due to the real killer using a life-like latex mask of Eugene while committing his crimes.  Suspicion was eventually shifted to Roman Brady after Marlena and Sandy Horton witnessed the Slasher kill a woman, Daisy, while impersonating Roman.  

Eugene comforted Marlena during the time Roman was believed to be the Slasher.  In a plot to stop the killings and discover the identity of the real murderer, Roman staged his own death.  Only Marlena, Abe Carver , and Bo Brady were aware that Roman was still alive.  Bo hid Roman in Eugene's basement cellar where Eugene accidentally spotted Roman, though he was convinced he was having one of his psychic impressions.  Roman decided to reveal himself to Eugene and he too beame involved in the operation to clear Roman's name and discover the mastermind behind the killings.

Romance with Calliope JonesEdit


  • Vanessa Van Kessler (mother)
  • Reginald Bradford (great grandfather; deceased)
  • Letitia Bradford (second cousin; deceased)

Love InterestsEdit

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