Grace Forrester
Grace Forrester
Carey More as Grace Forrester
First appearance March 1987
Last appearance April 25, 1988
Cause/reason Stabbed to Death
Siblings Gillian Forrester

Grace Forrester is the identical twin sister of Gillian Forrester . While Gillian lived a life of adventure in the ISA, Grace only wrote about adventure as a novelist. She was invited to Salem by Gillian and was used in Gillian's schemes to break up Kimberly Brady and Shane Donovan . Grace agreed these plans, hoping to find great material for her next book, though she was unaware of just how far Gillian was willing to go to win Shane's heart.

Grace eventually began a relationship with Neil Curtis , becoming a romantic rival to Jo Johnson.  Just before Grace and Neil were to be married, Grace was stabbed to death while walking home from the Curtis Mansion. 

Grace was originally portrayed by Camilla More's real-life twin sister Carey More. When Camilla's character Gillian was written out of the show, Camilla took over the role of Grace from her sister.

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