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Horton Family

The Horton Family circa 2007

The Horton Family

The Hortons are an upper middle class Anglo-Saxon Christian family living in the town of Salem. Traditionally a family of doctors, the Hortons have branched out to include lawyers, journalists, police officers, and more. Key family members include Alice , Tom , Mickey , Julie , Hope , Jennifer , Lucas, and Will . The Hortons have been at the center of Days of Our Lives since its debut in 1965.

Family TreeEdit

Tom Horton Sr. (deceased June 20, 1994)

+Alice Grayson Horton (deceased June 23, 2010)

Tom "Tommy" Horton Jr. (born 1931)
+Kitty Horton (deceased 1969)
Sandy Horton
Adelaide "Addie" Horton (born 1931, deceased 1974)
+Ben Olson (deceased 1971)
Julie Olson Williams (born 1949)
+David Martin (deceased 1967)
David Banning (born 1967)
+Trish Clayton
Scott Banning (born September 1977)
Steven Olson (born 1951)
Spencer Olson (born 1968)
+Doug Williams
Hope Williams Brady (born Jan 14, 1974, changed to Dec 24, 1965)
+Beauregard "Bo" Brady (born Nov 9, 1963)
Shawn Douglas Brady (born April 6, 1987, changed to 1984)
+Isabella "Belle" Black Brady (born Oct 21, 1993, changed to 1984)
Claire Brady (born Sep 27, 2005)
Beauregard Isaac Theo "Zack" Brady (Jun 9, 2000 - Jan 12, 2006)
Ciara Alice Brady (born, Dec 29, 2006; changed to July 2004)
Michael "Mickey" Horton (1932-Jan 2010)
+Maggie Simmons
Melissa Horton (adopted; born 1971)
Nathan Horton (born 1994; changed to 1986)
Sarah Horton (adopted; born 1981)
Bill Horton (Born 1940)
+Laura Spencer
Michael "Mike" Horton Jr. (born Sept 26, 1968; changed to 1964)
+Robin Jacobs
Jeremy Horton (born July 13, 1989; changed to 1982)
Jennifer Horton Deveraux (born Feb 9, 1976; changed to 1970)
+Jack Deveraux (born Jun 15, 1964)
Abigail Deveraux (born Oct 19, 1992; changed to 1988, changed to 1992)
+Chad DiMera (born Mar 3, 1990)
Thomas Deveraux (born Nov 25, 2015)
Jack "J.J." Deveraux Jr. (born Sep 3, 2004)
+Kate Roberts DiMera
Lucas Horton (born July 29, 1975)
+Samantha Gene "Sami" Brady Hernandez
William Reed "Will" Horton (born Nov 16, 1995; changed to 1993)
+Gabriella Hernandez (born 1992/1993)
Arianna Grace Horton (born May 21, 2013)
Alice Caroline "Allie" Horton (born Oct 23, 2007; changed to 2005)
Marie Horton (Born 1942)
+Alex Marshall
Jessica Blake
+Joshua Fallon
Nicholas "Nick" Fallon

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