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Horton family 1973

The Horton Family in 1973. Back Row: Bill, Mickey, Marie and Tommy. Front Row: Alice, Tom and Addie

The Horton family is an original and core fictional family on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives, featured continuously since the series debut episode first-run November 8, 1965. The ensamble is created around the marriage, children, and family of Tom Horton and his wife Alice. Promietly a family of Doctors, the Hortons have branched out to include Lawyers, Journalists, Police officers and more. along with the Brady family, the Hortons are one of the two central families on the show.


This is a list of  all the known Horton family members, both past and present, deceased and living. Characters still presently on Days of our Lives are bolded, characters who are members of the family through marriage only are italicized. Dates of birth as those as seen on screen and do not necessarily reflect the portrayed age at any given time.


Tom and Alice Horton, The Former Patriarch and Matriarch of the Horton Family

First generation 

  • William Horton, I (deceased)
    • Adelaide Horton (deceased)
  • Sid Grayson (deceased)
    • Abigail Garyson (deceased)

Second generation

Third generation

Fourth generation

Fifth generation

'​'Sixth generation

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