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Julie Olson Williams
Julie Olson
Susan Seaforth Hayes as Julie Williams

First Appearance

November 8, 1965

Born: March 31 1949

Portrayed By

Charla Doherty (1965-1967) Catherine Dunn (1967)

Catherine Ferrar (1967-1968)

Susan Seaforth Hayes (1968-1984, 1990-1995, 1999-Present)

Julie Williams is the daughter of Addie Horton and Ben Olson . She is the mother of David Banning (born David Martin Jr.) and Robert Anderson Jr., who died in infancy. She is gramother to David's son Scotty Banning Julie has one brother, Steven Olson and one half-sister, Hope Williams ady . She is also Hope's step-mother.

Julie is currently married to Doug Williams

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