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Kate DiMera
Kate Crop
Lauren Koslow as Kate DiMera

First Appearance


Portrayed by

Elaine Princi (1977-1979)

Deborah Adair (1992-1995)

Lauren Koslow (1996-Present)


DiMera Mansion 430 Lakeview Drive, Salem, USA


Curtis Reed (1969-1993; widowed)

Victor Kiriakis (1993-1994; ivalid)

Roman Brady (2003-2005; divorced)

Stefano DiMera (2009-2012)


Austin Reed

Billie Reed

Lucas Horton

Philip Kiriakis

Rex Brady

Cassie Brady


Will Horton

Chelsea Brady

Allie Horton

Tyler Kiriakis

Parker Kiriakis

Former lovers

Stefano DiMera (dated until 1983 until she broke up with him)

Roman Brady (ex-husband)

Victor Kiriakis (ex-husband)


Samantha Brady

Madison James (business rival that she hates really badly)

Marlena Evans Black (former best friend who she stole John from)

Madeline Peterson-Woods (her former best friend she hated because she stole Stefano from her)

Chloe Lane (because she cheated on Lucas with Daniel)


January 13,1950

Katherine Elizabeth "Kate" Roberts is the former wife of Stefano DiMera, and the mother of Lucas Horton, Austin Reed , Billie Reed, Philip Kiriakis, Cassie Brady, and Rex Brady. She is the grandmother of Chelsea Brady, Will Horton, Parker Kiriakis, Tyler Kiriakis, Allie Horton, and Unknown Reed(child of Austin and Carrie born off-screen), and great-grandmother of Arianna Horton.


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