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Kimi Brady is the daughter of Sarah Horton and Jayden Brady. She is the twin sister of Jordan Brady. Emma Aronson is her surrogate mother. When Emma was pregnant with her and Jordan, she left Salem and went to Colorado. In 2010, Sarah and Bo Brady went after them, and finally tracked them down, they were now 16, and thought of Emma as their mother, but went to live with Sarah in Salem. Emma was arrested by Bo and brought to Salem also, but she was later let out. Kimi still considers Emma her mother, as well as Sarah. In November she was presumably killed by the killer, but was really alive and trapped in Abe Carver's office. The killer forced her and Mark Jackson, who was captured by the killer to have sex with each other. After their escape, she found out she was pregnant. Everyone was shocked by the news and she wanted to have an abortion. Her brother was able to talk her out of this, and her family supported her. After learning that the killings had to do with the DiMera's, she snuck into the DiMera mansion to try and find something to use as evidence, but she was found by Kate. Kate had felt sorry for everyone, and for making ehr think her mother was dead for some time so she hid her from Stefano. Stefano later found her and tried to kill her by strangling her, but she hit him with a vase and escaped leaving Stefano injured. She told her mom what she did, and Sarah sent her to her aunt's for a few weeks, until she returned on her own. When she returned Marlena had tried to poison Stefano in his sleep while in the hospital, and Kimi stopped her because she didn't want Marlena to go to jail. Unfortunatly Stefano woke up in them arguing over killing him, and Stefano sent out an order for Marlena to be killed, and she disapeared 2 days later, leaving everyone upset with Kimi for interfering. Mark tried to comfort Kimi through her pregnancy but she insists she feels nothing for him. Despite the age difference he shows a romantic interest in her. Kimi decides she doesn't want the baby to be born to parents like this, and she decides that Mark should raise the baby alone, and not know she was it's mother.

Kimi Brady


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First Appearance

July 12, 2010


Sarah Brady, Jayden Brady, Emma Aronson (surrogate mother/ raised by


Jordan Brady

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