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Kristen Blake DiMera
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Eileen Davidson
Duration May 17, 1993 to April 24, 1998
October 11, 2012 to present
First appearance May 17, 1993
Created by James E. Riley
Introduced by Ken Corday
Alias(es) Susan Banks
Fay Walker
Gender Female
Occupation Vice president of DiMera Enterprises

  • Social worker
  • Horton Center chairperson
  • President of Countess W
  • Residence DiMera Mansion
    430 Lakeview Drive
    Family DiMera
    Parents Rachel Blake
    Stefano DiMera (adoptive)
    Siblings Peter Blake
    (full brother)
    Renee DuMonde
    Megan Hathaway
    Lexie Carver
    Tony DiMera
    Benjy Hawk
    E.J. DiMera
    Chad DiMera
    (adoptive half; via Stefano)
    Spouses Andre DiMera (invalid)
    Romances John Black (lovers; 1990's, 2013)
    Brady Black (engaged; 2013-2013)
    Eric Brady (raped him; 2013)
    Children Unnamed child (miscarried; via John)
    Grandparents Santo DiMera (adoptive; via Stefano)
    Aunts and uncles Ryan (adoptive; via Stefano)
    Nieces and nephews Theo Craver
    (adoptive; via Lexie)
    Steven Hank
    (adoptive; via Benjy)
    Johnny DiMera
    Sydney DiMera
    (adoptive; via EJ)
    Grace Brady
    (adoptive; via Chad)
    First cousins Andre DiMera(adoptive; via Stefano)

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