Lani Price
Lani Price
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Sal Stowers
Current status Present; Recurring
First appearance September 25, 2015
Occupation Police Detective
Residence Salem, Illinois
Parents Abe Carver
Tamara Price
Siblings Brandon Walker
Theo Carver
(paternal half)
Romances Rafe Hernandez
Shawn Douglas Brady
J.J. Deveraux
Grandparents Benjamin Carver
Rita Carver
Aunts and uncles Jonah Carver
Theodore Carver I
First cousins Jett Carver (paternal)

Lani Price is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera, Days of Our Lives portrayed by Sal Stowers. Lani is introduced as a new police cadet at the Salem Police department and later reveals herself to be the illegitimate daughter of Mayor Abe Carver (James Reynolds). Lani is very driven and focused on her career. Lani forms a close bond with her younger half-brother Theo Carver II (Kyler Pettis) and also falls for Shawn Douglas Brady (Brandon Beemer) who has recently separated from his wife. She is also instrumental in bringing down Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson), the "Necktie Killer." Lani leaves town when Shawn Douglas reunites with his ex-wife. The character returns to town in December 2016 to visit her father Abe who has recently been shot. A paranoid Theo ropes her into investigating their father's new love interest Valerie Grant (Vanessa A. Williams).

Casting and creationEdit

The series released the casting call for the contract role in September 2014, then known as Maya. The character was due to start filming in late 2014 and expected to air by Spring 2015. On June 30, 2015, it was announced that model and actress Sal Stowers, known to daytime audiences for portrayal of Cassandra Foster on the short lived online reboot of All My Children. Stowers was the season 9 of the reality television series America's Next Top Model. The actress was slated to make her first appearance in September 2015. "So beyond excited and honored to announce that I have joined the Emmy-winning cast of Days Of Our Lives!" Stowers said in celebration of her new gig. Stowers filmed her first scenes in April 2015. On September 2, 2015, Stowers confirmed through Twitter that she would debut in the role of Lani on September 25. Stowers auditioned opposite Galen Gering and beat out 8 other actresses for the coveted role. Stowers described the casting process in an interview with Soap Opera Digest. "It was 6 a.m. and there was this huge adrenaline rush right before the test." She was instructed by the casting director Marnie Saitta to do push-ups to help calm her nerves. Stowers booked the role the same day. She was still a bit nervous but then the actress told herself "There was a reason why I got the job." She taped three episodes on her first day. The casting reunited Stowers with her All My Children co-star Robert Scott Wilson. To celebrate her new gig, Stowers planned a brunch to coincide with her first airshow. "I love playing Abe's and being apart of his family" Stowers said of the role. "I'm so passionate about Lani" she continued.


The original casting notice described the character as "smart and drop-dead gorgeous" African-American woman between the ages of 25 and 30 who was a "confident, dedicated professional" with a "sensitive side." According to Stowers, "Lani is very smart." She is also "very driven and really good at her job." Stowers described Lani as having "a power in her." Of her character, Stowers said Lani "came with goal." Lani is "very determined. When she finds out what she wants, she goes after it and won't let anything stop her."

Introduction (2015)Edit

There was initial speculation that Lani would share connection with Billy Flynn's character, Chad DiMera. Upon her introduction, Lani is still settling into her new home "so we are seeing Lani on her best behavior" Stowers remarked. She is also trying to build a relationship with her father Abe whom her mother kept "hidden from Lani her whole life." Lani is determined to ingratiate herself into the Salem Police department and "she's putting everything into her work." In the beginning, Stowers said "there was a mystery to Lani." As the mayor's daughter, "Lani kind of walked on eggshells."

In March 2016, Daytime Confidential reported that Stowers was one of several cast members released from their contracts when the series once again replaced the writing team. Stowers had actually filmed her departure scenes at the end of 2015, only a few months after her onscreen debut. However, the series kept quiet about her impending departure. When the news finally broke, Stowers took to Twitter to thank fans for their love and support. Of Lani's unexpected departure in June 2016, Stowers said "I just went with what was happening."

Return (2016)Edit

In September 2016, rumors circulated that Stowers would reprise her role as the actress had appeared in the cast photo for the 13,000th episode back which filmed in July 2016. However, Stowers return was not officially confirmed by the network until the week before her first re-appearance on December 19. Stowers was hesitant when she was suddenly contacted by the casting director about returning to the role of Lani. "I was excited but at first, I didn't believe it" the actress explained. However, Stowers revealed that she expected Lani to come back at some point because the connection to Abe. Her return was kept secret so it was just as much a surprise to her co-stars as the actress herself. Of Lani's return, Stowers said "Now , she's taking more risks." Stowers revealed that the writers would explore her character's personality much more. Stowers also changed the way she portrayed Lani. "I wanted to approached her differently and bring a boldness to Lani, showing her as strong." Lani comes back to town with "secret." Though Lani's main reason for returning is to visit her ailing father, it is revealed that she is the woman JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss) had a drunken one-night-stand with whom he could not remember.


Trey from said of Stowers casting "Looks like Days of our Lives is about to get some well-needed diversity on their canvas!" Jamey Giddens said Stowers' firing "proves once again that while discussion of diversity are of growing important in primetime and film, daytime is completely regressing in this area." Ryan White-Nobles from TVSource Magazine said the lack of development for the character left him unable to feel anything for Lani. However, he continued, "I will say it’s disappointing that once again; an actress of color remains an afterthought in a genre that once placed a value on showcasing diversity." Michael Goldberg from Serial Scoop said "here is hoping that Lani works better as a character this time around then she did last time" and believed Lani's interactions with JJ Deveraux would benefit the character.

Storylines Edit

Lani first arrives in Salem as a new police officer.She begins looking at a picture of Abe Carver. She also started a flirtation with police detective Rafe Hernandez. Abe saw the photos of him on Lani's laptop and soon realized that she was his daughter with Tamara Price. Lani and Rafe attended the Bicenteniall where Abe confronted Lani about his suspicions, and Lani confirmed she was his daughter. Abe said he wants to tell Theo before everyone else. Soon after, Theo asked Lani for help when Joey Johnson collapsed.

Lani was very helpful with realizing that Ben Weston was the actual necktie killer because almost all the murders looked staged. Lani and JJ went to mammoth falls to arrest Ben. When Theo found out that Lani was his sister he threw a fit and did not talk to anyone, except her. Theo saw Abe and Lani eating and talking, and Abe wanted Theo to join them, but Theo said no and Lani realized he was upset. Theo confide in Lani that he was being bullied

Lani kept trying to seduce Rafe even though it was obvious that he was not interested That became official after Hope Brady killed Stefano DiMera and Rafe became close with her. Lani got a new partner Shawn Douglas Brady at the police force and the two became close. Shawn and Lani started flirting and eventually kissed. Lani and Shawn went to a café on a date during Shawn's sister Ciara Brady's birthday Theo and Claire saw Shawn and Lani kiss.

Lani, joined Shawn, JJ, John Black, Rafe, and his father Eduardo Hernandez on infiltrating the compound of Yo Ling. A gunfight broke out, before they were driven back, and John was captured by Yo Ling's men.

Shawn and Lani continued their relationship and Lani tried seduce Shawn every time possible. Lani and Shawn kissed and almost had Sex on the interrogation room table. Lani revealed to Shawn that she had a relationship in Miami ,but that Shawn was the only real love she ever had. Lani and Shawn went to a motel, but ended up busting up a drug deal that was taking place in the room next to theirs. Shawn and Belle reconnected an got back together, and his relationship with Lani ended as a result.

Lani was said to be in Miami Florida, but returned to Salem near the end of the year. She agreed to help Theo investigate Valerie Grant, who had gotten close to their father, and on New Years Eve, revealed to J.J. that she was the woman he had slept with while in Miami.

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