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Craig Merritt, played by David McLean, was a ruggedly handsome airline pilot. Although his career was viewed as exciting and impressed many folks in Salem, he remained a humble family man and a single father. His wife had died years before when their son, Tony, was jupst fourteen. Because of her death, he and Tony developed a very close bond, and there wasn’t anything Craig wouldn’t do for his son.

In 1965, Craig was thrilled that Tony was set to wed Marie Horton on Thanksgiving. Not only was he happy that his son was deeply in love, but Craig had a close relationship the Horton family based on mutual admiration and respect. He and Alice were very close friends. He simply adored Marie. And he tried to help troubled teen Julie, who had a crush on him. Craig was one of the few people who could give Julie advice she would actually take, and the rest of her family appreciated his patience with her.

Tragically, the night before the ceremony was set to take place, Craig, as well as Marie and the rest of her family, were blindsided when Tony called things off and abruptly left Salem. Craig was devastated by his son’s puzzling actions, but soon began to focus his attention towards Marie. When Tony left, she fell into a deep depression and tried to commit suicide.

After Marie’s attempt, Craig helped her through the dark times. While doing so, they fell in love and married in 1966. Soon after, Craig was delighted when Marie became pregnant. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage, causing her to fall into yet another depression. This one was worse, and, not only did Marie avoid intimacy, she began hallucinating the sounds of babies crying.

Craig thought he could help Marie through the darkness as he did before, but things had changed. Tony had returned home and told Craig the truth about why called of his marriage to Marie. His son explained that he thought he was dying of a rare blood disease and didn’t want Marie to watch him die, but had since fully recovered. When it became clear that Tony and Marie still loved one another and their reuniting would help Marie, Craig made the ultimate sacrifice for the two people he loved the most.

Although he loved her deeply, he told Marie that he didn’t and their relationship was simply based on mutual respect and helping each other through hard times. He also cited their age difference. When Marie tried to apologize for their lack of an intimate connection, he encouraged her that it was not her fault and even offered her alimony and the house. Marie refused both, but the divorce was soon finalized.

Afterwards, Craig sold the airstrip he had purchased in order to work out of Salem to be closer to Marie. He also decided to return to piloting and accepted a job that would relocated him to Asia. Marie saw him off the day he departed, but he never revealed his true feelings for her. Instead, after turning away from her, he silently professed his eternal love for her while clutching his wedding ring in his pocket as he walked to his plane. He left Salem that day, never to return.


David Martin - Clive Clerk

Clive Clerkfrom as David Martin (Jr)

David Martin was played by Clive Clerk from 1966-67. David Martin was the former lover of Julie Olson and father to her child, David Banning (born David Martin, Jr.). Julie had planned on eloping with David Martin, but backed out after discussing the situation with Tom Horton. David eventually ended up marrying Julie's best friend Susan. While married to Susan, Julie continued to pursue David in hopes that he would one day leave his wife and marry her. That dream was shattered in 1967 when David was killed by Susan, who blamed him for the death of their son. During Susan's trial, it was revealed that Julie was pregnant with David Martin's child. After giving birth to a baby boy, whom she named David, Julie decided to follow her Grandfather's advice and give the baby up for adoption. The baby was eventually adopted by Scott and Janet Banning.

Diane Hunter was played by Coleen Gray from 1966-67. Dianne Hunter was an ex-client of Mickey's who handled her divorce from Richard Hunter. Over the years the two remained friends and eventually began to become romantically involved. However, after she and Mickey had stopped seeing each other, and with a little encouragement from her daughter Dianne and Richard were remarried in 1966.

Dr Tuffano was played by Joseph Mascolo on April 18 and April 19 in 1967. Mascolo would later return to play the iconic villain Stefano DiMera off and on from 1982-2016.





Helen Martin

K.T. Stevens as Helen Martin

Helen Martin was played by K.T. Stevens from 1966-1967, and in 1969. Helen was the wife of John Martin, mother of David Martin, and grandmother of Richard Martin and David Banning. Helen and John to celebrated their son's wedding to Susan Hunter, and became a grandmother to Richard Martin in 1967. David eventually wanted out of the marriage and Helen supported her son's decision. David was murdered by Susan, who blamed him for the accident that led to Richard's death. After Susan and was acquitted, she went to apologize to Helen, only to be shot by her.



Janet Banning came to Salem with her husband Scott and planned to adopted Julie Olson's son by David Martin. However Janet's happiness was short lived, she died in early 1969 as the result of a brain tumor.

Jim Fisk was played by Burt Douglas from 1965-66.

John Martin (character)

Robert Brubaker as John Martin

John Martin, played by Robert Brubaker from 1966-1971 and Ed Prentiss in 1966, was the father of David Martin. He and his wife, Helen, attended David's wedding to Susan Hunter, and he became a grandfather to Richard Martin in 1966. He forgave Susan when she killed his son, and continued to support her after Helen shot her for killing David.


Kitty Horton

Regina Gleason as Kitty Horton

Kitty Horton was portrayed by Regina Gleason from 1967-69. Kitty was Tommy Horton's wife, and they were married before Tommy was believed to have been killed in the Korean war in 1953. Kitty was also the mother of his daughter Sandy. Upon returning to Salem Kitty pursued Dr. Elliot Kincaid who was working at Salem University hospital. When Mark Brooks was revealed to be Kitty's husband Tommy, she tried to work things out with him, but on the side continued to chase after Dr. Elliot Kincaid. Tommy would hire a private detective to follow Kitty, and upon confronting her at Elliot's apartment Kitty faked chest pains. Because her family had heart problems Tommy took it seriously. Kitty was admitted into the hospital, but checked out fine. When Tommy learned Kitty had a past filled with numerous affairs, Tommy divorced Kitty in 1969. After her marriage from Tommy was over, Dr. Kincaid also left her, and Kitty pursued another married man, Peter Larkin. Later while working as Tom Horton's secretary, Kitty accidentally taped a conversation between Tom and Laura discussing Michael's health problems and his parentage. Kitty knew the tape would be worth something and called Bill over. When Bill arrived, Kitty tried to seduce him, but Bill was furious to find that tape. Bill ransacked her apartment, and wrestled with Kitty before finding the tape and leaving. As a result of the fight Kitty had a heart attack and died. After investigating, Bill became the prime suspect in her death.








Richard Hunter was played by Terry O'Sullivan from 1966-67. Richard Hunter was living in New York and planning on re-marrying when his daughter Susan managed to reunite her mother Dianne and father, who remarried in 1966.

Richard "Dickie" Martin was the son of David Banning and Susan Martin. He was played by Budd Stewart in 1967. David gave Richard a little push on the swing set in the backyard. When David wasn't looking, fell off the swing set and hit his head on the ground. Richard died soon after and Susan blamed David for their son's death.


Sandy Horton - Heather North

Heather North as Sandy Horton

Dr. Sandy Horton is the daughter of Kitty Horton and Tommy Horton and the granddaughter of original characters Alice Horton and Tom Horton. The role was originated by Astrid Warner who portrayed the role briefly for two episodes on December 12 and 13, 1967, it was around that time the role was recast with actress Heather North, the actress who played Sandy for the longest duration from December 20, 1967 to May 21, 1971 and from December 23, 1971 to June 16, 1972. North would later be commonly known being the second and most notable actress to provide the voice of Daphne Blake in all incarnations of Hanna-Barbara's Scooby-Doo Saturday morning cartoon series. In 1982, Sandy was reintroduced to the series with actress Martha Smith, who would play the role for four months from August 12 to December 8. Seven months later, the role was recast, this time with Pamela Roylance. Roylance would only last for about seven months, starting on July 18, 1983 and ultimately leaving on April 11, 1984. Sandy is notable for being one of the few to survive an attack by the Salem Slasher.

Scott Banning came to Salem with his wife Janet and planned to adopt Julie Olson's son by David Martin. After Janet died Scott grew close to Susan Hunter Martin, but Julie Olson was planning her revenge. When she learned the boy Scott and Janet were adopting was her son David she sued for custody and won. Eventually Julie got Scott to marry her, because it was the only way he could be in his sons life full time. Scott was unaware that during the years of his marriage to Julie she was having an affair with Doug Williams. However tension was present between Scott and Julie, and in 1971 Scott and Julie separated, and Scott took David to another town where he took a new job. Scott eventually returned to Salem, and Julie and Scott reconciled after Doug had married Julie's mother Addie. In 1972 Scott landed a job at Anderson Manufacturing as an architect. However, Scott died in early 1973 after being hit by a fallen beam at a construction site.

Susan Martin

Denise Alexander as Susan Hunter

Susan Hunter (formerly Martin and Peters) was played by Denise Alexander from May 1966-1973. Denise left the role for the role of Leslie Webber on General Hospital, and the character was recast with Bennye Gatteys from 1973-1976. Susan is one of the first characters on Days and also known to commit the first onscreen murder when she killed David Martin.

Susan Hunter was the best friend of Julie Olson. She married David Banning after discovering she was pregnant with their child. They had originally planned to give the baby up for adoption, but Susan changed her mind when the baby was born. She named the baby Richard "Dickie" Martin, and wanted to make the marriage work. David didn't feel the same way, but Susan's parents, Richard and Diane, pressured David to stay with Susan.

Susan and David's marriage fell apart, and he started seeing Julie Olsen. Things only got worse when Richard fell off his swing set, and died. Susan blamed David as he had pushed Richard on the swing. Delirious with grief, she believed David had intended for the accident to happen as their so was the only thing tying David to her. Susan ended up killing David by shooting him. Susan was eventually acquitted of the murder and went to see David's mother to apologize, but David's mother shot her. Susan has to undergo surgery, and survived, but ended up with heart problems.

In 1969 when Scott and Janet Banning moved to town with their adopted son Bradley (In reality it was Julie and David's child) Susan began to take care of Brad due to his mother's fading health due to a brain tumor. After Janet died Susan became found of Brad, and of Scott. However, Julie Olson would exact her revenge on Susan and would sue for custody of Brad (Little David) and would win. Eventually Julie married Scott.

In 1970 Susan met Doug Williams, who was trying to romance her out of her money. Susan didn't fall for Doug, but she did see a way she could top her old rival Julie. Susan payed Doug to have an affair with Julie Olson Banning, but when she eventually realized she couldn't live with what she had done and tried to call the deal off it was too late. When Scott left town with David after becoming separated from Julie, Susan became depressed, and while taking a walk in the park one night Susan was attacked by a man, but refused to talk about the incident because she was too embarrassed. The only clue to the attacker was a button she was grasping in her hand.

In 1971 Susan opened up a clinic with her dead husbands inheritance and began working at the David Martin Clinic. There she met and began to have feelings for Dr. Greg Peters. Suddenly Susan would learn she was pregnant as a result of the attack in the park. She considered having and abortion, but decided to keep the child instead.

When Greg took Susan to meet his family Susan seemed to have recognized Greg's brother Eric. Eric didn't recognize Susan, but she seemed to know him from somewhere. At another dinner at the Peters home Susan slipped into Eric's room and found a blazer of his with a button missing, the missing button was the one Susan was clutching in her hand the night of the attack. Eric Peters was the man who raped her months ago, and the father of her child. However, upon confronting Eric, Eric claimed the sex was mutual, and Susan only panicked and ran after they had slept together. Both Susan and Eric decided it was best if they kept this a secret from Greg.

In 1973 Susan gave birth to her baby, it was a girl and she named her Annie Peters. Susan and Greg were to be married in February of 73 when Susan suddenly left town, leaving a note behind for Greg not to come looking for her. Susan left her baby Annie with Greg's mom and went off to decide if she should tell Greg about what happened in the park months earlier. Upon hearing that Eric had been beaten by his brother Susan returned to Salem and visited Eric. Eric had kept Susan's secret safe from Greg, and almost payed with his life. Susan thanked Eric, and then told Greg the truth. Greg was shocked but later came around, and in 1973 Greg Peters and Susan Hunter Martin were married.

In 1974 Susan and Greg's marriage began to dissolve, and when Greg left his job at the clinic to join Dr. Neil Curtis' practice it put an even bigger strain on their marriage. In 1976 Susan and Greg divorced, and Susan moved to California with Greg's brother Eric and their daughter Annie.


Tony Merrit was played by Dick Colla in 1966. Tony grew up in Salem as an only child. Tony's mother, whom Alice Horton once described fondly as a “gentle lady,” passed away when he was fourteen years old. That left Tony to be raised by his father, Craig, an airline pilot. His father made the best of a bad situation and formed a close bond with his son. He also relied on the courtesy of neighbors, such as Alice, to give Tony an occasional female perspective.

By the fall of 1965 Tony’s future seemed bright. He was graduate student on a short list to obtain one of Harvard University’s teaching fellowships and engaged to his sweetheart, Marie Horton. He was deeply in love with her and she full-heartedly returned his feelings. Along with Alice, who was an over-eager mother of the bride at times, they began planning their Thanksgiving wedding and subsequent relocation to Boston.

As wedding plans continued to be made, Tony began having dizzy spells, but kept them hidden from his loved ones. When his condition worsened, he finally saw a doctor and was diagnosed with a potentially fatal blood disease. Tony was distraught and, in a panic, he made a hasty decision. The night before the ceremony, he called off the wedding and left Salem. In his fragile, mixed-up state, he decided it was better to leave Marie than let her watch him suffer and die. What Tony didn’t realize is how deeply Marie’s love for him ran. When he left, she fell into a deep depression and tried to commit suicide. When Tony returned to Salem in 1966 things had drastically changed. Not only was his health improving, but his father was married to Marie. As it turned out, Craig was there to support her when Tony left. Craig had pulled Marie out of her depression and they wed soon afterwards. Tony was shocked, but never told them about his illness. Instead, he moved home to rebuild his relationship with his father and new stepmother, who he was still deeply in love with. He also received the news that his illness had gone into remission and obtained a clean bill of health.

A short time later, the tension of the three of them living under the same roof proved too much to handle. Tony moved out of the Merritt house and into an apartment building. There he met Laura Spencer. They dated briefly, but it was clear Tony’s heart still belonged to Marie. His father noticed this too and, when Tony finally told him the reason he abruptly called off the wedding, Craig made the decision to step aside to let the two people he loved the most find their way back to one another. He divorced Marie and left Salem shortly afterwards.

Throughout 1967, Tony and Marie tried rebuild their relationship. However, she had grown from her eye-opening life experiences. Not only had Tony broken her heart, but she had also suffered a miscarriage while wed to Craig which sent her into another deep depression she narrowly escaped from. She was not the same naïve woman as before and Tony sensed the changes.

His relationship with the Horton family had also changed. Bill disliked him for what he had done to his sister as well as the time he spent with Laura, whom he was dating, and Alice who once his biggest supporter, had grown skeptical of him. She warned Tony that Marie would not survive another heart break and made it clear she could not forget what he put her daughter through. Marie couldn’t forget, either. With the trust gone, Tony and Marie ended their relationship. He left Salem later that year never to be heard from again.