The relationship between Sami Brady and Lucas Roberts-Horton is called Lumi. They are one of the last supercouples connected to the 80s writing-style era of Days Of Our Lives. The two characters were on together in several storylines for nearly a decade before they were paired up in a romantic relationship. For this reason, many fans consider Lucas and Sami as linked characters even when they are not romantically involved.

A Meeting To Cherish Edit

Samantha Gene Brady first met Lucas Desmond Roberts in 1993 while attending a concert. Only she did not know it was him. Sami snuck backstage during the concert to meet the singer, Cherish in her dressing room. But Cherish was bed with Lucas, who she gave a ride to Salem. Lucas was away attending military school and was back to visit his mother.

While Cherish leaves the room to get dressed, Sami snuck inside and caught a very naked Lucas getting dressed as well. The two made small chitchat until Cherish walked in and discovered her. She threw Sami out. Sami left in a huff. Lucas and Cherish continued their evening activities in the shower.

The Moment Kate Forever Regrets (Lumi Officially Meets) Edit

As time has passed, its a 1993 moment that will forever sit as one of Days Of Our Lives most ironic moments. Lucas was visiting his mother, Kate Roberts, at Titan Enterprises when she introduces him to a young girl who's family was she described as "as good people for him to know"  and she told him she had a "hunch you two would hit it off together."

Sami felt she saw Lucas once before, but she could not say where. Lucas did not see Sami's face during that night at Cherish's dressing room so he had no clue what she was talking about. Kate talks Sami into showing her son around town. The two promise to meet later.

Fast and Flirty Friends Edit

It did not take long for Sami and Lucas to become fast friends.

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