David Martin - Clive Clerk

David Martin, the iconic family patriarch

The Martin family was one of Salem's first families, along with the Horton Family. They have been noted as not only having the first death in the show's history, but also having the first murder. David Martin was murdered by his wife, Susan, after she blamed him for the accidental death of their son. Though the family has long since left Salem, the legacy is kept alive by Julie Olson Williams, who used their family home as a bed and breakfast.

In 2017, Eli Grant, David and Julie's grandson returned to Salem.


Martin MansionEdit

The Martin Mansion was the residence of the Martin family. After they left town, it was owned by Julie Olsen, who turned it into a bed and breakfast. In 2015, Kate Roberts purchased the mansion, and used it as her home. In 2017, she sold the mansion back to Julie when she and Andre DiMera moved back into the DiMera mansion. She gifted the mansion to her grandson Eli Grant, who wanted to use it as a home for young people to stay in. A party was held at the mansion where Deimos Kiriakis drugged all of the guests and they wound up being murdered.