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Melanie Jonas

Portrayed By

Molly Burnett



First Appearance

July 31, 2008

Last Appearance

September 28, 2012


Left town to stay with her mother in Europe.


415 Ardmour Road, Salem, USA (Former) Europe (Present)


  • Daniel Jonas (Father)
  • Carly Manning (Mother)
  • Trent Robbins † (Adoptive Father)
  • Jane † (Adoptive Mother)
  • Max Brady (Adoptive Brother)
  • Parker Jonas (Paternal Half-Brother)
  • Nicholas Alamain (Maternal Half-Brother)
  • Maggie Horton (Biological Paternal Grandmother)
  • George Jonas † (Paternal Grandfather)
  • Lillian Parker † (Surrogate Paternal Grandmother)
  • Henri Von Leuschner † (Maternal Grandfather)
  • Frankie Brady (Maternal Uncle)

Melanie JonasEdit

Character History Melanie Layton, the adoptive daughter of Trent Robbins and is the biological daughter of Carly Manning and Daniel Jonas. Melanie also has an maternal older half-brother Nicholas Alamain and adopted half-brother Max Brady and an uncle Frankie Brady (who's Carly's younger brother and Max's adopted brother). When she started on the show, she was living in a French Boarding School, known as a wild-party girl, with her own website about her glamorous life.[12] She meets Nick Fallon in Marseilles, France where she is attending boarding school. Max Brady goes there with his girlfriend Stephanie Johnson in search of Melanie whom he believes to be his half sister, even though she doesn't know know about him.[12] Nick, Max's friend, also goes to Marseilles where he sees Melanie in a cafe. Melanie overhears Nick on the phone (he is pretending to be making a business deal and pretending to be rich in order to catch her attention) and she goes to talk to him. Later, Trent pimps Melanie out to settle a debt, and Nick investigates to see what is up. Nick ends up getting shot trying to rescue her. She is grateful for his help and the two share a kiss in the hospital where Nick's ex-girlfriend Chelsea Brady looks on. Furious with her father, Max convinces Melanie to move to Salem with him.[12]Melanie Jonas (née Layton; formerly Kiriakis) is a fictional character on the NBC Soap Opera, Days of our Lives, created by head-writer Hogan Sheffer. She is portrayed by actress Molly Burnett.[10] Burnett has played Melanie since, early 2008.[10] Melanie was married in 2010 to Philip Kiriakis and had no children. They divorced in early 2011. She meets her brother Max Brady in 2008, who convinces her to return to Salem. Although Melanie was a former bad girl, she is now known as a caring and responsible young lady. Her former best friend, Stephanie Johnson, though, has become her arch-enemy. Melanie is best friends with Abby Deveraux, and good friends with Will Roberts-Horton and Sonny Kiriakis. She is very close to her dad, Daniel Jonas, and her grandma, Maggie Kiriakis. Melanie is currently dating Chad DiMera. For her work as Melanie, Burnett has been nominated for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Daytime Drama.[11]

Melanie moves in with Max's adoptive mother, Caroline Brady. Trent is stabbed and Caroline Brady, Nicole DiMera and Melanie are all suspects. Melanie is cleared and moves in with Nick. Melanie soon begins receiving threatening notes and she starts to believe that maybe she had killed Trent. Nick convinces her to go away with him to a hotel where they will go to Vegas and get married. Nick convinces Melanie that she killed Trent and the only way for him to protect her is if they get married.[12] While at the hotel, Melanie learns that it was Nick who killed Trent.[13] Melanie's quick thinking allowed her to reach Stephanie, Phillip, Bo and Hope. They arrive at the conclusion of a fight between Nick and Melanie, where Nick drops Melanie off the balcony. Philip saves her while Nick is arrested for Trent's murder. Philip would come to Melanie's rescue several other times in the emotional aftermath of Nick's arrest. This is also the beginning of Melanie's infatuation with Philip.[12]

At Nick's trial, Melanie speaks up on his behalf. She says that although Nick killed her father, deep down, Nick is
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a good person. The judge says that Melanie's testimony is reason why Nick got a very light sentence. Nick also begs his aunt, Maggie Horton to let Melanie stay with her because Melanie has no one. Maggie reluctantly agrees. In time, however, Maggie becomes very fond of Melanie and the two are very close.[12]

Melanie then goes to work for Philip at Titan because Nick left her the rights to his alternative fuel project and she finds herself in the middle of a corporate war between Titan and the DiMera's. Philip, determined to keep the project, tells Melanie he loves her. They kiss while Stephanie oversees. Philip picks Melanie over Stephanie, an incident that begins a heated rivalry between the young women. However, Melanie soon learns that Philip is only after the fuels project. Melanie brings the project to the DiMera's where she was eventually scammed.

Melanie becomes a candy striper at the hospital in Salem and eventually begins attending nursing school.

Melanie is extremely jealous of Stephanie and Philip's relationship and she constantly is trying to break them up. She fails several times and it eventually seems that she will not give up. Because of the heated rivalry between the DiMera's and the Kiriakis's, EJ DiMera hires a hitman to kill Philip. When Philip is rushed to the hospital, Melanie is there to comfort Stephanie. Also due to the rivalry, Stephanie is kidnapped by the Kiriakis gardener, Owen. Melanie teams up with Philip to track Stephanie down. The two, along with the help of Brady Black, manages to rescue her, showing that Melanie is growing into a more adult and responsible person.

Chelsea, Max's girlfriend, decides to move to London to be with her sick mother, Billie Reed. Max decides he is going to go with her and tells Melanie she should come too. She is excited to go with him and seconds after she quits her job at the hospital, she bumps into a handsome young doctor. He is later revealed to be Nathan Horton,[14] the grandson of Maggie Horton and cousin of Nick Fallon. Melanie decides that she didn't want to go to London and Max soon realizes that Nathan is the reason that Melanie wants to stay. At home, Melanie is surprised to see Nathan there. She soon learns that he is Maggie's grandson and that he is moving in. They have a flirty relationship and the two agree to a date. However, Nathan soon realizes who Melanie is (he blames her for everything that happened to Nick) and he tells her he doesn't want anything to do with her. Nathan argues with Maggie over why Maggie would let Melanie stay there. Nathan feels guilty and reconciles with Melanie after he realizes that everything that happened with Nick wasn't her fault.[12]

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Things are rocky for Nathan and Melanie at the beginning. Melanie is furious because, while Nathan and Melanie are on a date, Melanie is in the bathroom and Stephanie shows up. Melanie overhears the two making plans to hang out. Melanie then storms out. Nathan doesn't feel guilty about what happened, saying he and Stephanie did nothing wrong. Once again, Nathan and Melanie reconcile.

When Melanie tells Nathan she wants to be more than friends he says no because he believes he has too much on his plate and Melanie might be a distraction. Heartbroken, Melanie and Philip (who convinced Melanie that he and Stephanie were over) spend the night at a motel where a seedy pornographer tapes them making love. Soon, Stephanie takes Philip back and Melanie is heartbroken when he begs her not to tell Stephanie. Soon, the pornographer puts the tape on the Internet, where Stephanie sees it while two girls are watching it at the hospital. Stephanie breaks off her engagement with Philip for the second and final time.

After much hardship, Melanie moves on from Philip and starts dating Nathan, but Maggie disapproves of them being together and hospital policy says they can't date. They have having a Romeo-and-Juliet-style romance for a while. However, Philip eventually realizes that Melanie is the woman he wants to be with and he chases after her while she is dating Nathan. This makes Nathan angry and constantly paranoid and jealous of Philip.

Soon, Melanie begins to have feelings for both Philip and Nathan. After Nathan sees Melanie about to kiss Philip he breaks up with her. Philip tells Melanie that he still had feelings for her and after seeing Nathan with Stephanie and hearing that they were going to spend Christmas together Melanie decides to give Philip a chance. They spend Christmas together where Philip proposes. She isn't sure about it, but when Melanie can't get the ring off of her finger, Philip says it was a sign that they are supposed to be together. She agrees to marry him. After Philip finds out that Nathan is at the house with Melanie, Philip begins to worry that Melanie might still have feelings for Nathan. As soon as Philip sees Melanie, he suggests that the two elope on New Years. Phillip and Melanie are married on Valentine's Day.

Melanie and Phillip are later divorced in 2011, when she finds out that he slept with her father's wife, Chloe Jonas, and impregnated her. However, Melanie and Philip, still in love, discover that they will have a child together. But Melanie has a miscarriage, and her and Philip get over each other. Philip leaves for Chicago to care for baby Parker, and Melanie has a flirtation with Nathan. However, due to the drama of the miscarriage, Melanie tells Nathan to go take the job at Johns Hopkins University Hospital he was offered in Baltimore, and tearfully rejects his proposal. Nathan leaves, and so does Stephanie, and Melanie starts a rocky friendship with new Salem townie, Dario Hernandez. She starts dating him, much to Brady's dismay. Brady hires Dario at Titan to keep an eye on him, but Dario gets a better job in Argentina. Melanie convinces him to leave, and they tearfully break up. Melanie develops a closeness with her BFF's boyfriend, Chad DiMera, and after much sexual tension and a mistaken kiss on Halloween (since Melanie and Abby wore the same costume), the two kiss during a hostage situation involving gambling on a website Chad, Sonny and Will created. They are saved with the help of the police, Austin, Will and Sonny, and decide to avoid each other, since Abigail and Chad are in love. Melanie is delighted that her grandmother is, in fact, Maggie Kiriakis. Melanie and Gabi both apply at the new Town Square spa for jobs, and are accepted. They find themselves attracted to Quinn Hudson, and Gabi develops acrush on Chad as well. Later, Abby admits to her mom and Melanie that she has a crush on a new guy (her professor, Austin, who is married) that is much older, but she still loves Chad. Melanie tells Abby to follow her heart. Melanie and Chad constantly run into each other, and Daniel and Maggie comfort her. Daniel thinks Melanie should go for it, but Melanie doesn't want to hurt Abby. Melanie is later seen comforting her father after he breaks up with Jennifer Deveraux, his girlfriend. They spend Christmas at the Horton household, and are given their own ornaments by Maggie, who also has one for Victor. Melanie also comforts her dad after he learns that he may have myasthenia gravis, passed down from his biological mom, Maggie. On New Year's Eve, Chad and Abigail break up, due to Abby's crush on Austin (though Chad doesn't know about it), and Chad's feelings for Melanie. While hanging out with Sonny and Will in the Town Square party, Chad kisses Melanie at midnight. Melanie then struggles to keep her friendship with Abby alive, since Abby thinks that Chad was cheating with Melanie recently. However, Melanie and Abby make up in order to save their jobs as models for MadWorld Cosmetics. Abigail supports Melanie after her father leaves town for a short bit, and comes to accept her relationship with Chad. Melanie is also shocked to discover that Abby's secret crush is Austin, whom Melanie mistakenly is led to believe Abigail had sex with. They support each other. Melanie was kidnapped in late June and was reunited with her father and her grandmother, Maggie as well as Chad. She comforts Abby, since Jack died and Cameron dumped her. Chad proposes to Melanie, and she accepts. She asks Abby to be her maid-of-honor and Gabi to be a bridesmaid. But Chad and Melanie realize they are only marrying so that Nick Fallon, who was released on parole, won't harm her. But Melanie and Nick get on good terms. Maggie, Brady and Daniel encourage Melanie to wait, since they think she is rushing into this, but Maggie ends up being happy for Melanie. Soon, however, Gabi reveals that Chad attacked Nick in the park, and that he lied about Gabi's schemes. Melanie is shocked to discover what Gabi did, and disowns her. She and Chad postpone the wedding, though later Melanie decides to break it off with Chad, and leave town to visit Carly in Spain. Melanie tells Gabi that she is not pressing charges since she wants to never see Gabi again, and reveals that she is leaving. Gabi apologizes, but Melanie won't forgive her, and leaves town, hinting that she may be back sometime.



Melanie started out as a scamming, scheming troublemaker –- the Premier Party Girl -- who got what she wanted at any cost. But over the years, thanks to the love and guidance of her mentor-turned-grandmother, Maggie Horton, she’s transformed into a kind young woman with strong family values. Yet, throughout it all, she’s never lost her spirit and feistiness. After a twisted relationship with Nick Fallon, Melanie started crushing on Philip Kiriakis, who she eventually married, even though she had unresolved feelings for Nathan Horton. After Melanie and Philip divorced and Nathan left town, Melanie met Dario Hernandez. Their relationship ended, when he transferred to Argentina on business. These days, Melanie finds herself very attracted to Chad.

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