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Nathan Horton
Nathan Horton B
Mark Hapka as Nathan Horton

First Appearance

June 18, 2009

Last Appearance

March 28, 2011


Left Town

Portrayed by

Mark Hapka (2009-2011)

Nathan Horton is the adopted grandson of Maggie Horton . He is known for having a past relationship with Melanie Layton-Kiriakis, as well as being engaged to Stephanie Johnson. In 2011, Nathan discovered that Stephanie lied about the paternity scandal and didn't trust him, so he broke off their engagement. Nathan and Melanie rekindled their closeness, but after miscarrying her baby, Melanie rejected Nathan's proposal. Nathan left Salem to take a job at John's Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Since then, Stephanie, after failing to win him back, left Salem as well, while Melanie got close to Rafe's brother, Dario. It is rumoured that Nathan will return to Salem to pursue Melanie.

Brief Character HistoryEdit

Nathan Horton came to Salem in June 2009 to start an internship at Salem University Hospital. He is the son of Melissa Horton; his father has not been identified as of November 11th, 2010. On his first day at the hospital, he meets Melanie Layton and they start a flirtation. Later, Melanie is surprised and alarmed when she returns home to Maggie Horton's house to find a half-dressed Nathan, fresh out of the shower, as she hadn't yet learned that he is Maggie's grandson; Maggie soon arrives and explains that Nathan would be living there. When Nathan learns that Melanie was the girl his cousin Nick Fallon had been involved with, he blames her for ruining Nick's life and speaks harshly to her about it. When Maggie informs Nathan that Melanie had been Nick's victim and that she spoke on his behalf in court, Nathan apologizes to Melanie and she accepts. He moves into Lucas's house after learning Maggie feels uncomfortable with him and Melanie dating while living under the same roof. He is currently engaged to Stephanie Johnson, but breaks up with her when he finds out she lied to him. Nathan leaves Salem soon after.

Nathan Horton

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