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Neil Curtis
Neil Curtis
Joseph Gallison as Neil Curtis

First Appearance


Last Appearance




Portrayed by

Ben Archibek (1973)

Joseph Gallison (1974-1991)

Neil Curtis was a doctor at Salem University Hospital. Originally appearing in the 1970s, Neil was a inexpleicably written out of the show in 1991. Neil was married to Liz Chandler , with whom he had one child, Noelle Curtis . He also shares a daughter with Maggie Horton , though he relinquised his parental rights to Mickey . Neil was a very good friend to Kimberly Brady and saw her through many troubling and tragic times.

Past MarriagesEdit

Phyllis Anderson

Marie Horton

Liz Chandler

Angelica Deveraux


Nathan Curtis (son with Phyllis; deceased)

Sarah Horton (daughter with Maggie)

Noelle Curtis (daughter with Liz)

Neil Curtis - Joseph Gallison

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