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Nick Fallon
Nick Fallon B
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Blake Berris
Duration 2006–09, 2011,2013+
First appearance November 7, 2006
Fullname Nicholas Fallon
Nickname(s) Nick
Alias(es) Lonely Splicer (online screen name)
Family Horton / Fallon
Spouses Cassandra Arvin (2007)
Gabi Hernandez (2013, annulled)
Romances Chelsea Brady (ex-girlfriend)

Nicholas "Nick" Fallon is portrayed by Blake Berris and was known for his flirtation turned obsession with Melanie Jonas (who was known as Melanie Layton at the time). He is the ex-boyfriend of Chelsea Brady, the daughter Bo Brady and Billie Reed. His parents are Jessica Blake (daughter of Marie Horton and Alex Marshall), and Joshua Fallon. Nick's great grandmother was Alice Horton. Nick was lasted dating Gabi Hernandez and was engaged to her.

As of December 2012, he is currently engaged to Gabi and plans to raise her unborn child as his own even though he knows that Will is the baby's father. In March of 2013, both he and Gabi married in the Horton living room and later on in July 2013 their married was annulled. On November 25th, 2013,  he tried to rape Gabi (Rafe's sister) and then presumably drowned to death after Gabi, Sami, and Kate all pushed him into the river.

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