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Nicole Walker (née, Mendez, formerly Roberts, Kiriakis and DiMera) is a primary villainess on the NBC drama, Days of Our Lives. Nicole's storylines mainly revolve around tragedy and relationships. She is known for her heated feud with anti-heroine, Sami Brady, as well as Jennifer Horton, and also has an enemy in former ally, Kate Roberts. She is best friends with Chloe Lane, Rafe Hernandez, and Brady Black. She is also good friends with Carrie and Austin Reed. Nicole's other best friend, Daniel Jonas, used to be the object of her affection. Recently, Nicole was engaged to Eric, but the engagement was broke when he learned of Nicole's lies. Currently, Nicole is trying to win him back.


Nicole, the daughter of Fay Walker and Paul Mendez, comes to Salem as an overworked waitress in 1998 at the Java Cafe. She has a cancer scare, but it is revealed that she doesn't have cancer.

Nicole gets into a serious relationship with Eric Brady, the twin brother of her rival, Sami. However, things are short lived when Nicole's sister, Taylor Raines, comes to town, and steals Eric away. With the help of a scheming Lucas Roberts, Nicole manages to win back Eric, and becomes a model. Taylor, upset, leaves town to go to college. Eventually, Eric becomes attracted to a woman named Greta, and the two form a relationship after Eric breaks it off with Nicole. Nicole is jealous, but develops feelings for Lucas, who revealed that he had feelings for her before.

Eric becomes jealous of this after his relationship with Greta doesn't work out. He asks Nicole to take him back, but when Kate gives Nicole $5,000,000 to marry Lucas, she accepts the opportunity and Eric leaves town to become a photojournalist in Colorado. Eventually, she and Lucas have a falling out due to custody battles between Lucas and Sami over Will, and they divorce. Nicole schemes her way into the arms of Victor Kiriakis, which forms a rivalry between her and Kate. Nicole's father, Paul (he forced Nicole into child porn) dies in 2001, and Nicole marries Victor and the two have a brief honeymoon. Nicole plots Victor's death, and hires Larry Welch to kill Victor, though it doesn't happen. Nicole teams up with Jan Spears, and they "kill" Victor, blaming his death on a string of murders occurring in Salem at the same time. However, Victor turns out to be really alive, and is furious at Nicole for her scheme. Jan Spears ends up in a coma, and Victor files for divorce against Nicole. Eventually, Nicole turns to Victor's grandson, Brady, for support, and the two fall in love and get together.

But when Chloe Lane, Brady's former lover, returns to town, Nicole pours acid onto Chloe's face. When the truth is revealed, Brady dumps Nicole, and she leaves town after meeting a soap star who she began a relationship with, though things didn't end up working out for them. Nicole comes back in 2008, saying that she is still technically married to Victor. Nicole hires Sami's husband, EJ DiMera, to be her divorce lawyer. But Trent Robbins, her abusive ex-husband who adopted Melanie Jonas, returns, revealing that they are still married, thus, making her marriages to Victor and Lucas invalid. He tells Nicole to stay away from EJ or he will reveal everything, meaning she gets no divorce money from Victor. In September 2008, Trent is found stabbed, and Nicole is a suspect, though Nick Fallon ends up being guilty for it.

Eventually, Nicole develops feelings for EJ after they begin a friendship, but he merely uses her to make Sami jealous, since she chooses Lucas over him. Sami divorces EJ, and he has sex with Nicole in an elevator during a blackout, calling out Sami's name. Nicole is furious that EJ was using her because he still loves Sami, and she tells EJ that Sami will always choose Lucas over him. Soon, EJ realizes and tells Nicole that he has feelings for her. Nicole discovers that she is pregnant with his baby, which Sami doesn't believe since Nicole was told by a doctor that she is barren. Sami tries to tell EJ (since she is pregnant with his child) that Nicole is lying to steal his money, like she did with Victor, but EJ kicks Sami out after Nicole reveals her baby bump. EJ is shocked, but gets excited and marries Nicole, who quickly falls in love with EJ. Sami is upset at EJ, since he impregnated both her and Nicole, so she keeps his baby a secret from him. Nicole, sadly, miscarries, and confides in Brady. She goes to tell EJ, but learns that although he has feelings for her, he still loves Sami, and married her only for the child. Nicole buys a fake baby belly from a maternity store and lies to EJ about the miscarriage. Nicole adopts (illegally) a baby from Mia McCormick, but discovers that Sami is pregnant, and tells Dr. Dick Baker that she will turn him in for murder unless he switches her adopted baby with Sami's. Baker agrees. Nicole "goes into labor", and EJ arrives as soon as the baby is born.

In reality, Nicole is holding EJ and Sami's child, whom she names Sydney, while Sami has Mia's kid, named Grace, since she went into labor at the same time. Soon later, Grace dies of meningitis, and Nicole is sympathetic for Sami, comforting her. But soon after, she is seen constantly reminding Sydney that she is her daughter, not Sami's, and she won't let Sami hold her. EJ, suspicious of her, sends his men to follow her around. One day, Nicole heads to the Kiriakis mansion to talk with Brady about her miscarriage. As she returns home, EJ reveals that he had men follow her, and she is mad.

However, EJ is is upset that she lied to him about the miscarriage, and, believing that the child she has is the adopted kid, kicks her and the baby out of the house. Later, Rafe, Sami's new beau, investigates and does a paternity test on Sydney, revealing that EJ and Sami are her parents, not Nicole. As the truth is revealed, Sami is reunited with her baby. Nicole reveals all to EJ, who is upset, but Nicole also tells EJ that Sami lied to him about her pregnancy. As Sami and EJ argue about this in the DiMera mansion, Nicole sees her chance and kidnaps Sydney, taking her to Cleveland. EJ and Sami are nervous and in shock, but EJ uses this as an opportunity in revenge against Sami for lying about her pregnancy.

He hires Anna DiMera to knock out Nicole and take Sydney, keeping her away from Salem for a while. EJ, in the meantime, puts some of Sydney's clothing in pig's blood and dumps them in the river. Later, Sami and EJ meet Nicole in a Cleveland hospital, where she begs them to believe that she doesn't know where Sydney is. Nicole is imprisoned for 20 years for illegally adopting Mia's baby, in addition for the "Sydnapping". As EJ and Sami return home, the bloody clothes are found, and everyone mourns "Sydney's death", even an all-knowing EJ. Nicole, in the meantime, remembers that it was Anna who took Sydney from her, and also knows that the judge who sentenced her used to date Anna. She blackmails Anna into getting her released from prison, otherwise she would reveal the truth. Nicole returns to Salem a short time later, when EJ has "rescued" an alive Sydney, and Rafe dumps Sami because of her closeness to EJ and her drama.

EJ had divorced Nicole while she was in jail and pursued Sami, so Nicole decides to try again with Brady, only to discover that he is engaged to Arianna Hernandez, the younger sister of Rafe. Nicole realizes that she and EJ are enemies, and that she is investigating a series of drug cartels (that EJ is actually responsible for). Nicole sees that Arianna and EJ have grown closer, and uses this to set her up, making it look like she was behind the cartels. Brady ends his relationship with Arianna, and reconciles with Nicole. Eventually, Brady learns that Arianna was set up, and vows to make the person who set her up pay. Nicole gets even more nervous when she learns that EJ knows she framed Arianna. Nicole comes clean to Brady, thus, getting Arianna released from jail, and he dumps her. However, Brady does not reconcile with Arianna.

Nicole is devastated, but is even more worried that EJ is trying to put her back in jail for what she did to Arianna. Desperate, Nicole tries to dig up some dirt on him, and overhears him confessing to Stefano that he was behind Sydney's kidnapping. Nicole tapes the confession, and blackmails him with it. She nearly reveals the truth, but tells EJ she will enjoy seeing him live with the consequences and be tortured in his relationship with Sami. EJ threatens to kill her. Nicole is soon seduced by Rafe, who was investigating EJ as well and learned that Nicole has evidence on him. Nicole learns that Rafe was using her, and gets nervous that EJ will have her killed if he learns she lost the evidence to someone else. Rafe puts her under witness protection, and later, on the day of Sami's wedding to EJ, plays the tape. Sami leaves EJ to be with Rafe. EJ strangles Nicole on the pier after learning the truth, but she is saved by Daniel.

Later, Nicole is seen getting drunk at her friend Chloe's baby shower, and almost reveals the truth about Chloe's cheating on Daniel, her finacee, with Philip. She covers, however, though Chloe shuts her out for a while. Eventually, the both of them work it out. Nicole helps Brady keep the secret of Vivian being locked in a sarcophagus, and the two decide to give their relationship another shot. In addition, Nicole finds a tape that shows Sami confessing to shooting EJ, and she blackmails Sami and Rafe with it into babysitting Sydney.

However, Rafe deletes some of the recordings she has, so she shows the tape to EJ, who allows her to be in Sydney's life. EJ takes the kids away from Rafe and Sami in order so that the tape won't be revealed. He also tells Nicole to ends things with Brady, and puts a tracking device on her wrist so he'll know everywhere she goes. She tells Brady, but instead he comes to EJ's house and they sleep together there. Vivian, released from her prison, takes out revenge on the couple by taking photos of their sexcapade and showing them to EJ. EJ gives Nicole one last chance to choose between Sydney and Brady, and Nicole ends her relationship with Brady.

Later, EJ asks Nicole to marry him, so that she can be there for Johnny and Sydney as their stepmother, and so he can get back at Sami. Nicole agrees, but they are both shaken when Johnny has to get an eye removed due to eye cancer. EJ then decides that Sami and Rafe can see their kids, and Nicole, who has fallen in love with EJ again, believes that there is no reason for her and EJ to marry. However, she learns that Johnny has cancer in his other eye, and informs EJ, who brings him to the hospital so he can have laser-eye surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery is a success, and EJ witnesses Nicole playing with Johnny in the hospital room post-surgery, which makes him realize that his feelings for Nicole never really went away. He sincerely thanks Nicole for helping Johnny, and the two kiss and eventually make love, insistent on getting married and repairing their relationship.

The two marry, much to Stefano's disapproval, but Nicole notices that EJ and her newly returned sister, Taylor, have been acting odd and not getting along. Nicole improves her relationship with Taylor, and invites her to move into the mansion, along with their sick mother, Fay. Soon, Fay is killed by a fall down the stairs, which brings Nicole and Taylor even closer, especially since Fay apparently told them there was a secret that EJ was hiding.

Eventually, Nicole walks in on EJ kissing Taylor, but she feigns innocence, and flaunts her marriage with EJ in front of Taylor. Soon, EJ asks Nicole for a divorce, though he'll still let her see the kids. Nicole asks if he is cheating, to which EJ gets nervous, despite denying it. Nicole asks if he wants Sami, to which EJ responds he is done with her. They argue, and Nicole blackmails EJ with information she got from Vivian and Gus that he kept Rafe locked up in the basement. She tells EJ to stay married to her or she will reveal the information. EJ and Taylor realize she knows the truth, and Nicole tells Taylor to get lost. Taylor stays at a hotel however, and EJ finds her, where the two make love. Nicole finds out the truth, and gets into a fight with Taylor, which EJ stops. EJ proposes to Taylor, who has learned that he is being blackmailed by Nicole. She accepts, while Nicole eventually reunites with Brady, realizing that she will never be with EJ.

However, the truth about the fake Rafe is eventually revealed, ending Taylor's relationship with EJ. EJ asks her to forgive him and take him back, to no avail. However, Taylor does eventually make things right with Nicole and EJ, and gets together with Quinn Hudson, her ex-boyfriend. Nicole is wary of the closeness between Brady and Taylor, which threatens to create tension between the sisters again, though Taylor ends up leaving town with Quinn, Ivan and Vivian, before breaking up with Quinn in order to pursue a traveling job in Paris. Nicole and Brady continue their fling, but Nicole is held hostage by Gus, and EJ saves her. As EJ rescues her from Gus, both realize that they are in love, though Nicole realizes that going back to EJ would be a mistake. Instead, she breaks it off with Brady and decides to become an independent woman until she finds Mr. Right. EJ asks her to rnu his mayoral campaign, to which Nicole agrees, though she wants a strictly professional relationship. Nicole eventually forgives EJ for his cheating with Taylor, and the two begin to flirt.

EJ and Nikki

EJ tries to win back Nicole.

Later, however, Nicole and EJ are trapped in the mansion during an autumn blizzard. They have dinner and hot chocolate. EJ remembers just how Nicole likes her hot chocolate and makes it for her, revealing that he has loved her all this time and wants her back. Nicole continues to recount why they don't make a good couple, but eventually they have sex.

The next morning, EJ tells her that they are cut from the same cloth and are star-crossed, and they make love again. However, Nicole believes that she is still making a mistake, and hands EJ divorce papers, much to their dismay. She tells him they have no future together, and that she will wait until after the election to file them. EJ is feeling lonely, and then hears that Johnny is missing. Nicole and Quinn help EJ's men search for Johnny, and Sami comes over that night, fighting with EJ about how they are terrible parents. Later, they hear on the new that a boy died on the pier, and believe it is Johnny.

Overcome with grief, EJ has sex with Sami, witnessed by Will and Stefano, but both agree that it was out of grief and must remain a secret. Johnny is later found, safe and sound, by Rafe, much to everyone's delight. The next day, Nicole is moved by how EJ was worried about Johnny, and tells him that she is madly in love with him, and doesn't want to get a divorce. EJ and Nicole begin kissing and decide to be together, but EJ becomes guilty about his one night stand with Sami.

EJole love

EJole reunited

The two begin doing underhanded things to help EJ win the election against Abe, but eventually, Nicole begins to think EJ is keeping something from her. EJ tells her that there are no secrets between them, and later asks her for a complete commitment. Nicole agrees, and the two begin making out, until Rafe arrives and attacks EJ. Sami shows up as well, and her and Nicole stop the fight from getting out of control. Nicole tries to call the cops, but EJ makes her put the phone down, and Rafe reveals that Sami and EJ slept together when Johnny went missing. Nicole, broken-hearted, calls EJ out for lying to her, and throws her wedding ring back at him, telling him that she hates him and they are over. She goes to the town square, where she runs into a newly-returned Daniel. She stands up from her table, only to faint. At the hospital, Daniel reveals that she is pregnant.

Nicole and Rafe bonding

Nicole and Rafe become friends.

Nicole is worried but happy, and tells Daniel what happened, and that she will keep the child a secret from EJ before leaving town. However, Rafe discovers her secret, and agrees to help her and Daniel keep the child from EJ. He persuades her to remain in Salem, and the trio become good friends. Nicole eventually develops a huge crush on Rafe, but soon enters into a relationship with Daniel, as the two have sex and develop strong feelings for each other.

Dicole first kiss

Daniel and Nicole share their first kiss.

At first, Nicole uses Daniel to switch the paternity tests, which he discovers, but the two grow close, despite Daniel being jealous of the closeness between Rafe and Nicole. Nicole is torn between the two men at first, but eventually decides to remain with Daniel, since Rafe is in love with both Sami and Carrie. Nicole comforts Daniel when Melanie, his daughter, is missing. During the explosion of the tunnels underneath Salem, Nicole goes into premature labor, but Daniel stops it, and Nicole has an epiphany of being with Daniel forever. Daniel, however, feels like he has been using Nicole, and he needs to put his priorities straight, and Nicole's drama is not one of them. Nicole, however, continues to be close with Daniel and dream of a future with him, eventually using one of EJ's threats as an attempt to move in with him.

However, he and Maggie instead try to move her back into the Kiriakis manse, but Victor forbids it, so Jennifer allows Nicole to live with her. Nicole tries to keep Daniel away from Jennifer, and even lets Jennifer know about her friendship, and eventually relationship, with Daniel. Devastated , Jennifer continues to beg Daniel to stay away from Nicole, and she harasses Nicole continuously, eventually telling her that she must leave once she has the baby. Nicole attempts to turn Abby against Jennifer, and even tells Maggie that Jennifer is suffering a breakdown. Nicole asks Daniel to move with her to Utah, where, due to paternity laws, EJ will have no claim on her child. Daniel ends up rejecting Nicole's offer. Sadly, one day during a check up, Nicole receives tragic news that her baby has died. As she returns to the house, she discovers that Jennifer asked Daniel to meet her, and she deletes the message, and rushes off to find comfort in Daniel. However, she sees Daniel sharing a close moment with Jennifer. Later, she finds Jennifer where she wanted to meet Daniel, and confronts her in the Town Square. The argument intensifies and Nicole falls down the stairs. Brady and Billie, who witnessed the argument, come to Nicole's rescue. Nicole seizes the opportunity, saying that Jennifer pushed her down the stairs, and begins to moan in pain.

Jennifer, shocked, doesn't know what to believe. Brady and Billie tell Roman that it looked as is Jennifer did push her down the stairs, and Jennifer is taken to jail, upon learning that Nicole's baby died. Jennifer is very sad. Abigail gives her condolences to Nicole, who is in the hospital, and begs Nicole not to press charges against Jennifer. Nicole says that she will make Jennifer pay. EJ comes to the hospital, learning that his baby was a boy, and has died. He asks an intoxicated Nicole if the child was his, and she confesses. EJ tells her that he will not make her, Daniel or Rafe pay for what they did, as he is deeply saddened by the loss, and wants to change. Rafe and Daniel come to Nicole's side, offering their condolences. Nicole thanks them for what they did, but admits that EJ knows the truth, because she told him when she was medicated, and she says sorry, though they forgive her. Nicole and Daniel are sorry to hear that EJ videotaped the confession and used it to ruin Rafe's rekindled relationship with Sami, but they are glad that EJ is not pressing charges, and Rafe tells Nicole that he doesn't regret helping her. Nicole tells both of them that Jennifer pushed her down the stairs, and they are shocked, but Rafe says he will look into it. Daniel asks Nicole if she is sure Jennifer did it, which makes Nicole think Daniel doesn't trust her.

Daniel apologizes to Nicole for making her feel that way, and assures her he will stand by her. After being discharged, Nicole asks Sami for help in making sure EJ doesn't bother her anymore about the baby, and informs Sami that she is going to be with Daniel. Sami is suspicious, and tells a released Jennifer, who is worried that EJ will make her pay, as he warned her he would. Daniel makes a deal with Nicole: if she drops the charges, he will go to Hawaii with her, and quit his job. Even though Daniel admits he loves Jennifer, Nicole accepts, and tells Roman that she fell down the stairs, and that it was an accident. Later, Jennifer apologizes to Nicole for everything she did, but is upset to hear that Daniel and Nicole are leaving Salem. Jennifer confronts Daniel, who admits that he loves Jennifer, and made a deal with Nicole to protect her. Jennifer is moved, and asks Maggie to help her convince Daniel to stay, to no avail. Victor even offers to pay Nicole to leave Salem alone, to no avail. Eventually, Daniel learns the truth about Nicole's baby from the doctor after finding an article of clothing that belonged to Nicole in the hospital room.

Daniel, Jennifer, Abby, Rafe, EJ and Brady are all in the Horton House, where Daniel reveals that Nicole knew all along that her baby died. Abby is furious, but everyone else is disappointed and concerned. Nicole runs to the Horton Town Square with a scalpel, threatening to cut her throat. Daniel assures Nicole that he forgives her and cares about her, and asks Nicole to put the knife down. Nicole does, but tries to jump off of the stairs, the very site where the accident happened, until Daniel and Rafe save her and put her in the hospital. Nicole recounts her tale to Rafe, and EJ looks at her sadly. Nicole cries, and Brady apologizes to Jennifer for believing Nicole over her.

Rafe reveals that Nicole will likely face charges, but Jennifer decides not to press charges because she doesn't want to think about this anymore. Nicole decides to leave town for a while in order to visit Taylor, but is shocked when Eric Brady comes back to town as a priest. Nicole admits everything she has done to Eric, and he forgives her and believes that she wants to change, despite Sami and Hope telling him to avoid Nicole. Eric presses Nicole to apologize to Maggie, Daniel and Jennifer, which she does. Nicole decides to remain in Salem, and takes a job offer from Eric. Later, she comforts Daniel about his treatment for his hand tremors not working, and blames Jennifer, who found the treatment for him. She thinks that, since he and Jennifer are only friends, she still has a chance with him, but eventually she realizes it wasn't meant to be. Later, EJ and Sami are surprised to find that Nicole is working with Eric as the church's secretary.

Sami wants Eric to avoid Nicole, and EJ cannot believe that Nicole has changed to become a better person. Nicole tells EJ that as long as Sami and Rafe are in love, which they still are, he doesn't have a chance with Sami. On New Year's Eve, Nicole asks Eric to be her "date" to the party in the Town Sqaure, but Eric can't, as he is volunteering at the men's shelter that night. Eric suggests that Nicole volunteer at the women's shelter, but Nicole accuses Eric of trying to change her and being no fun. She later catches up with Rafe at the pub, and the two decide to go to the party together. Seeing that there is a deep connection still between Sami and Rafe, Nicole leaves to distract EJ, allowing Sami to kiss Rafe at midnight, although Sami also shares some kisses with EJ later on. At the coffee house, Nicole feigns drunkeness to distract EJ, and kisses him at midnight to delay his return to the Town Square.

EJ pushes her off and asks Sonny and Will to make sure she returns to the church safely. Nicole tells the couple that she was merely pretending to be drunk in order to give Sami and Rafe some alone time, and she leaves. Later, she tells Rafe what she did, and he thanks her. She is elated to hear that Rafe and Sami kissed and are getting closer, but Rafe is suspicious of why she kissed EJ. Nicole reassures Rafe that she is done with EJ. Later, after Rafe has a talk with her, she apologizes to Eric for what she said, and he forgives her. She notices that he is having family troubles, but gets mad when he doesn't open up to her. Nicole comforts both Gabi and Rafe after the ruined wedding. She is glad about Chloe's return to Salem, but shocked to learn that Parker is in fact Daniel's son. When she hears that Chloe wants to win back Daniel, Nicole tells Chloe that he and Jennifer are together now. Chloe tells Nicole that she loves Daniel and will win him back.

Nicole and Chloe fight later on about Chloe's scheme to split up Jennifer and Daniel. However, at the urging of Father Matt, Nicole decides to mind her own business after giving Jennifer advice. Nicole schemes to break up Brady and Kristen, but when it doesn't work, she ends up facing Victor, who pressed charges against her. However, he drops the charges. Kristen and Nicole get on better terms, and Kristen makes Nicole realize she never stopped loving Eric, after all these years. Nicole tries to deny it, and pushes away Eric, but eventually, she can't. One day, Eric is beaten during a burglary. Nicole finds him unconscious, and says that she loves him. Luckily, Eric recovers and doesn't remember what she said. Nicole decides to leave town, and tells Rafe goodbye. But she returns to find Eric has calmed down the burglar, who's being arrested for drugs.

She tells Eric she's leaving because she can't handle his holier-than-thou act anymore. Eric thinks she's not being honest. Nicole tries to tell him what's wrong, but Rafe interrupts to take her statement about the robbery. Later, Nicole helps Daniel realize that Chloe is trying to split up him and Jennifer. They thank Nicole and 'defeat' Chloe, who leaves and hopes one day she and Nicole can make up. Nicole and Eric keep working together, but she disapproves of him taking in an ex-con named Vargas, who works as their handyman .Vargas and Nicole soon warm up to each other, go on a date, and share a kiss. They make out in the rectory, but Eric gets mad and argues with Nicole. She quits, but later they make up and she takes back her job. They have sex, but Nicole calls out Eric's name. Vargas tells Nicole that he'll keep it a secret, but he ends it with her, since she is in love with the priest. Later, Nicole realizes that Vargas is up to no good, and warns Eric, but he think Vargas has changed.

Vargas overhears Nicole asking Brady for a background check on him. But Vargas blackmails her: unless she calls off the background check, he will tell Father Eric that Nicole loves him. Nicole calls off the background check. Later, she tries to get Eric to attend Brady's wedding to Kristen, but he refuses. Nicole and Brady talk in the Town Square and and she defends Eric to Brady. He realizes that Nicole loves Eric, but she denies it. Nicole also is shaken by Rafe being put in a coma, and visits him in the hospital after Eric prays for him. Eric and Nicole continue to grow closer and eventually Vargas is put back in jail. Later, when Brady breaks up with Kristen, Nicole has sex with him twice. But Eric learns the truth of this and gets upset, causing a rough patch between the two former lovers. Later, they work everything out, but Brady gets back with Kristen. Eric, who was drugged and raped by Kristen, is found in his motel room by Nicole, with almost no memory of what happened. Nicole saves him by bringing him to the hospital, and vows to find out whoever did this to him. She and Daniel work together to investigate, but Eric begins to suspect Nicole is the woman from the motel room that night that raped him when Kristen hints at it. Later, Eric hears an argument between Nicole and Brady about how she loves Eric. Eric tells Nicole he heard what she said and accuses her of being his rapist. Hurt that Eric thinks she would ever do something like that to him, she breaks the friendship. But the truth is revealed at Brady's wedding, and Nicole gets into a car chase with Kristen trying to hunt her down, though she fails. Later, Eric apologizes to Nicole for the false accusation, but she can't forgive him, until he lands in the hospital. Eric eventually realizes he loves Nicole, but still tries to clear his name with the church, who believes he consensually slept with Kristen. However, Dr. Chyka, the man who provided Kristen with the rape drug, kidnaps Nicole and Eric and tries to kill them. Eric tells Nicole he loves her as they are about to die, but Daniel saves them. Nicole and Daniel hunt down Chyka to get the proof that Eric was raped, but Chyka escapes after one of Stefano's henchman intervenes. Nicole, however, finds the evidence. Elsewhere, Eric has an epiphany and goes back to Nicole's place, telling her that he wants to be with her before she can reveal the evidence to clear his name. Nicole, realizing that she needs Eric in her life for good this time, shreds the evidence. They try to help Brady overcome his addiction, with help from Daniel, but Brady still blames Eric for the rape and tells Eric that Nicole will ruin his life, prompting them to leave him be. Marlena, Roman and Sami also try to convince Eric to break up with Nicole, but he refuses, reminding him that Nicole risked her life with Daniel to clear his name. However, Marlena becomes suspicious in Chyka's escape and makes a deal with Stefano to learn if Nicole deliberately let Chyka get away. She also plans to use a device Hope gives her to track down Chyka, but fails. When Eric learns what Marlena did, he yells at her and chooses Nicole over his mom. But eventually, Eric forgives his mom. Later, Eric and Nicole fight over not making love because Eric wants to wait, but they make up. They also start to fight over getting married, as Eric only wants a church wedding, which is now forbidden to him. However, Eric eventually proposes to Nicole, who accepts. The couple grows close to Jennifer and Daniel. However, Liam Frazier eventually gets his hand on the shredded Chyka documents just as Nicole tries to investigate him for stalking Jennifer. He uses it to blackmail Nicole into leaving him alone. But Nicole tracks down his ex-wife and learns that Liam was abusive and obsessive. Nicole searches his safe for the documents, but he catches her. Later, Nicole learns that Liam kidnapped Jennifer and she goes to save her, where Liam almost tells Jennifer what she did. However, Daniel comes to their rescue, but is accidentally shot by Nicole, using Liam's gun to try and kill Liam. Then, Liam is stabbed by a branch, but the evidence falls out of his jacket and into the park before Nicole can find it.Daniel eventually finds it and suspects Nicole was behind it being shredded. Eventually, Nicole comes clean to Daniel, who insists that she tell Eric. However, Nicole manages to avoid doing so. Eric notices that Daniel is acting weird around them, and Nicole lies that Daniel loves her. Nicole also tries to get Eric to leave with her to elope in Las Vegas, but before he can do so, Daniel confronts Nicole and she admits what happened. Jennifer overhears and finds Eric, spilling the truth to him. Nicole goes to find Eric, but he tells her that Jennifer told him what she did, and he ends their relationship. Nicole is devastated, and tries to keep her ring when Eric tells her to remove it. Nicole decides she will never lose Eric, and confronts Daniel and Jennifer over what happened. However, they blame her for her lies.


  • Victor Kiriakis [Divorced: Jul 2008; later deemed invalid due to her marriage to Trent]
  • EJ DiMera [Married: Apr 14, 2009/ on-screen: Apr 21, 2009; divorced: Mar 25, 2010], [Married: Feb 24, 2011; Divorced summer 2012]
  • Vargas (one-night stand)
  • Lucas Roberts-Horton [Divorced; later deemed invalid due to her marriage to Trent]
  • Brady Black (ex Boyfriend)
  • Trent Robbins [Married: when Nicole was in college; dissolved by his death in Sep 2008]
  • Eric Brady (ex-boyfriend, ex-fiancée)
  • Daniel Jonas (ex-Fiancée; deceased)
  • Austin Reed (flirtation/kissed)
  • Colin Murphy (lovers; deceased)
  • Roman Brady (one-night stand)
  • Arnold Fenigan (tried to seduce her while pretending to be Rafe)
  • Xander Cook (flirtation)
  • Rafe Hernandez (he seduced her)


  • Reporter for Titan TV - WXIR
  • Former secretary at St. Luke's
  • Former campaign Manager for E.J.'s mayoral campaign
  • Former reporter for Titan's TV station, WXIR
  • Formerly living off her allowance from E.J.
  • Former vice president of Austin Reed and Company
  • Former president of Titan Publishing
  • Former editor-in-chief of Bella magazine
  • Former model
  • Former waitress at the Java Café
  • Former porn star


  • Unnamed daughter (with E.J.; miscarried Nov 24, 2008)
  • Daniel Rafael Hernandez (son; with E.J.; miscarried October 5,2012)


(to Daniel, about her and Jennifer almost getting into a fight) "I didn't start this; Little Miss Muffet did."

(to Daniel, about her and Jennifer almost getting into a fight) "Somebody needs to teach her a lesson!"

(to EJ) "Yes, yes, sex is amazing with you!"

(to Daniel, after he declares his love for Jennifer) "Oh, just like you love all your patients?"

(to EJ, after Sami kisses him) "Wow. You know, lucky for you, EJ, I have some breath spray and some anti-bacterial."

(to Sami, who Nicole doesn't know is pregnant) "Is it just me, or did you gain weight?"

(to Kate) "I know you're the same old slut you've always been."

(to Sami, who calls Nicole rude) "Touchy, are we? Or are you just hormonal?"

(to Arianna, about a Snow Leopard giving birth to cubs) "They're pre-empting me because some cat had kittens?!"

(to Daniel, after he says that he doesn't love her, even though she was his patient) "Well, you didn't have to fix me!"

(to Sami, about her relationship with Lucas) "Take it from me, Sami. Lucas is a horndog. I mean, when we were married, we had this nasty date, and I-"

(to Chloe, who asks what she was supposed to do (about Lucas)) "Apparently, not Lucas."

(to Sami and Chloe, about Lucas) "Why Lucas would want either one of you losers is beyond me."

(to Sami, when she denies her feelings for EJ) "What are we, 5 years-old here? C'mon Sami, EJ told me everything."

(to EJ, after finding out he cheated on her with Sami) "You honestly expect me to believe that you slept with this woman, even though you detest her, because you were sad?"

(to Stefano) "Maybe you shouldn't throw around the word "morrrrronic" (in Stefano's accent).

(to EJ, when he tries reconciling with her) "You had me EJ, heart and soul."

(to Sami, about the kids) "Oh, get a life Sami. I don't even know which brat I was holding anyway...I don't know if it was EJ's or Lucas's. Good thing you didn't have triplets. Can't tell the fathers without a program."

(to Jennifer, about the choice between Jack and Daniel) "I'm sorry, but your track record proves that you're not very good at making decisive choices."

(to Jennifer, about her relationship with EJ) "At least I have a man to go home to. You managed to chase two off."

(to Jennifer, about Daniel and Jack's rejections) "I'm not surprised. I mean, I see how you are in your professional life; very bland, and boring. I can only imagine how it is behind those closed doors."

(to EJ) "What kind of Brit are you? I thought you'd have a room full of tea, or somethin'."

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