Réal Andrews is a Husband, Father, Motivational Speaker and Success Coach who loves to fish, a lot. Born and Raised in North Vancouver , B. C. Réal now resides in Valencia , California. Réal attacked the elements of Hawaii and can proudly say he is a 2X'S Hawaii Ironman Finisher As a kid his 1st dream was to make the 84 Olympics as a sprinter. He Trained for the 1984 Olympics Team as a Sprinter until he had a hamstring injury which ended that dream and he quickly started pursuing his new passion of acting. His acting career started when he combined his athleticism and acting talents and became a stuntman in Canada.

He is also very passionate about the state of our Country and has owned 3 of his own gyms. He is also skilled in

Crossfit Football Certified Certified Personal Trainer Youth and High School Football Coach Boxing Coach

Motivational Speaker Success Coach Radio Host "Getting Real' on your Hometown Station AM 1220 KHTS

Real joined Days of our Lives as Robert Parry In 1995.

Real is set to return the cast of the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives in may of 2016 in the new role of Hal Michaels.

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