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Rex Brady
Rex Brady
Eric Winter as Rex Brady

First Appearance

July 8, 2002

Last Appearance

July 26, 2005


Left Town

Portrayed by

Eric Winter (2002-2005)

Michael Jerome "Rex" Brady (nèe DiMera) is the biological son of Roman Brady and Kate Roberts. He is the twin brother of Cassie Brady.

Character HistoryEdit

Rex and his twin sister Cassie crash landed in Salem aboard a "space pod" during the Gemini Meteor shower of July 2002. When found by Shawn Douglas Brady and Belle Black, they were half-naked, spoke no English, and were believed to be aliens.

After they had been in Salem for a few months, genetic testing revealed that they were human beings and were in fact the genetically engineered children of Marlena Evans and Andre DiMera (who was impersonating Tony DiMera at the time).

After learning to speak English and adjusting to a normal life, Rex and Cassie enrolled at Salem University with Belle, Shawn, and several other Salem High graduates. Shortly after, it was discovered that Marlena was only a surrogate mother to Cassie and Rex, and that their biological parents were Roman Brady and Kate Roberts.

During the Salem Stalker storyline, Rex became involved as the prime suspect when Maggie Horton's blood was found on his sweatshirt. He was arrested, though eventually found innocent. The Salem Stalker would eventually take both his sister Cassie and his father Roman as its next victims, though months later, all of the victims were revealed to be alive and held captive by Andre DiMera on the island of Melaswen.

Rex left Salem in 2005 after discovering that his girlfriend Mimi Lockhart had gotten pregnant and aborted their child without telling him. He moved to Chicago to live near his sister Cassie.

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