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Simone Michaels
Siena Goines as Simone Michaels
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Siena Goines
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2016
First appearance May 12, 2016
Last appearance June 16, 2016
Cause/reason Dropped Off The Canvas
Residence Los Angeles, California
Siblings Hal Michaels
two unnamed
Nieces and nephews Jade Michaels

Simone Michaels is a fictional character on the soap opera Days of our Lives. She was played by Siena Goines in 2016, Goines previously played Carol Michaels in 1995. She owns a commune and is the aunt of Jade Michaels.


Simone is the sister of Hal Michaels, and the aunt of Joey Johnson's girlfriend Jade. According to Simone, she and Hal have two other brothers, who she apparently despises. This makes it perfect for Jade when she and Joey run away to the commune, and Simone allows them to stay as long as they want, as long as they pull their weight. Simone feels the US is corrupt, and only serves the wealthy. She tells Joey they do whatever it takes to survive, and don't apologize. Joey was uncomfortable with committing robbery, so Simone said they will find something else for him to do.

Simone is later confronted by Steve Johnson, who is looking for Joey. After arguing with Steve, Simone ordered two teenagers to find a "man wearing a black eye patch", and said she wanted him gone "any means necessary". The cops later showed up, and told Simone they have connected a string of robberies to her convent. Simone denied it, but the police knew about the scorpion shaped scars, and demanded to see Jade's hands. Joey came into the room and told the police to leave Jade alone. He showed them his scorpion brand, and the police said Joey looked like the guy, who drove the getaway truck. Joey said he drove the truck, and refused to tell them anything else.

Kayla Brady and John Black showed at the convent, looking for Joey. Jade and Simone he had been arrested, and Kayla scolded Jade and Simone for their life choices. Simone taunted Kayla about how she was holding Steve and Joey back. After Kayla and John left, the police shows up to question Dirk about the shooting of a store clerk. Dirk panicked, and shot the officer. Simone stayed with the officer and put pressure on the wound as Dirk took the entire commune hostage. After everyone was let go (except Joey and Jade), Kayla told Simone that her teaching these children that the rules don't apply to them is what led to this situation.

Simone showed up at the hospital after Joey was shot, to see how he was, but Steve ordered her to get out and blamed the shooting on her. Jade agreed with Steve, and told Simone that everything she taught them was a bunch of bull. She threatened to call the cops on Simone if she didn't leave, and a stunned Simone left after Steve yelled at her to get out.

Crimes CommittedEdit

  • Theft
  • Ordered a string of robberies
  • Caused the shooting of Joey Johnson

Maladies and InjuriesEdit

  • Held captive by Dirk

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