Tek Kramer
Rhasaan Orange As Tek Kramer
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Rhasaan Orange
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 2003-07
First appearance June 3, 2003
Last appearance October 9, 2007
Cause/reason Left Town And Went On The Run
Fullname Thomas Edward Kramer
Gender Male
Occupation Former Salem police officer
Former ISA agent
Residence Unknown
Formerly Salem, Illinois
Romances Lexie Carver (lovers/adulterous)

Tek Kramer is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives portrayed by Rhasaan Orange from 2003-04.


Tek was first introduced as John's ISA contact, replacing his former contact Odell P. 'Ops' Smith, investigating the case of Maya Leano and the mysterious goop. He was working hand in hand with Philip Kiriakis, whom he often disagreed with on how it needed to be handled. After wrapping up the case of the goop, Tek joined the Salem police department and was instrumental in helping bring down Carson Palmer's illegal drug scandal, then became a key player in the investigation of Colin Murphy's murder. He worked closely with Bo and Abe, and when Abe was murdered by the Salem Stalker, Tek was determined to catch the person who killed his mentor, but as the investigation continued, he also found himself more and more attracted to Abe's widow. Just as Tek and Lexie were beginning a romantic relationship, information came in suggesting that Abe was alive and well. Once Tek located Abe on the island, he knew his future with Lexie and baby Theo would never take place, but he was happy to see Abe was alive and well.

Despite Abe being back in town, Tek couldn't turn off his feelings for Lexie. The two continued their affair until Abe was tipped off and found Tek and Lexie at a motel room together. Abe was furious, but did not have the grounds to fire Tek from the Salem PD. Tek stayed in town and still wanted to protect Lexie. The two continued to meet and during one of their meetings Tek witnessed John Black's shooting. But to avoid Abe catching Tek and Lexie together, Lexie agreed to pass on Tek's testimony as her own. Tek left Lexie to talk to the police and he went on the run.

Crimes CommittedEdit

  • Convinced Lexie to pass off his eye witness testimony in John Black's shooting as her own.
  • Skirted the law a few times as an ISA agent

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