The Family Legend Edit

"I was ashes but no more... I have risen from the ashes, the one true Phoenix!"

- Stefano DiMera elaborating on his "return from the grave" in 1984.

The Golden Age: Stefano's Reign Edit

According to Stefano, he is like a Phoenix, and he will always rise from the ashes to his former glory and power. He is the seventh son of the seventh son; as a 300 year-old DiMera family legend dictates, such a son will never die. He certainly has proven this time and time again. Stefano has "died" eleven times, coming back stronger than ever each time. His son, Andre has also hinted himself to be a Phoenix like his father, for he has risen from the ashes against impossible means. To this day, Stefano DiMera still holds the title of the Phoenix, although his son Andre has referred to himself as the Phoenix throughout the years during Stefano's absence. Stefano was thought to have finally been killed in 2016, but it's been recently revealed that the body in his grave is not him and so it is very likely that the Phoenix has risen from the ashes. On February 10, it was revealed that Shane was posing as Stefano in order to get Hope out of prison. On February 11, it is revealed that Stefano really did die when Hope shot him, and all of Stefano's activity had been orchestrated by Shane. They had replaced Stefano's body with a different one before Rafe had the DNA test ordered. As Shane watches security footage of his handy work, they see someone that resembles Stefano feeding pigeons. Steve thinks it is Shane at first, but Shane swears it wasn't him. Steve says he is sure Stefano is dead, and that is just someone who looks like him, but there is doubt in his voice, and Shane and Steve are left wondering if Stefano really is alive, immortalising him forever like Jack the Ripper and King Arthur.

A New Era Begins: Andre's Reign Edit

With Stefano's "final death" Andre becomes the new Phoenix, and he now wears the ring proudly with the title to go with it. In February 2016, it is implied that Stefano may have risen from the grave one last time and went into hiding. In November 2017, Stefano's adopted daughter Kristen revealed herself to be alive after presumably getting killed after she fell out of a window during a struggle with Marlena Evans in April 2015, Indicating that she can be considered a Phoenix like her adopted father.

A New Phoenix: Chad's Reign Edit

In 2018, Andre was murdered and laid to rest presumably for good. While Kristen may have survived what appeared to be a fatal fall, she has yet to take he title of the Phoenix. In June of 2018, Andre's widow, Kate Roberts, gave the Phoenix Ring to Chad DiMera and proclaimed him as the new Phoenix and as Stefano's true heir.

Owners of The Phoenix (Title) Edit

To this day, only three people in the history of "Days" have taken the title of the Phoenix.

Potential Candidates of The Phoenix (Title) Edit

Possessions of the "Phoenix" Edit

  • "Phoenix Ring": The Ring was Stefano's most iconic possession. A gold ring with a black flat square on top; it is said to be the reason why Stefano keeps coming back to life. Andre also wears the ring, and it can apparently bring him back to life as well, since he is the son of the Phoenix. This was briefly contradicted in 2007 when Andre was revealed to be posing as Tony (who was assumed to be Stefano's son), and therefore was Stefano's nephew, this is corrected in 2015 when Andre was revealed to be Stefano's son, and he now wears the ring ever since Stefano's "final death" in 2016. Although despite the power of the ring to resurrect Stefano, it is said that Stefano doesn't need it to rise from the ashes. In January of 2018, Andre DiMera died. However, Andre was not buried with the ring on his finger. In June of 2018, Chad DiMera became the owner of the Phoenix Ring when Andre's widow (Kate Roberts) gave it to him.
  • Chess set: All the known people who have taken the title of the Phoenix like Stefano and Andre have had a passion for playing chess, and kept a chessboard. Whenever Stefano or Andre felt they had the upper hand, they would mirror their moves with chess pieces. Stefano and Andre would often refer to the people they would use as "pawns", and for the longest time the "Queen" symbolised Marlena Evans, but Stefano and Andre would also use the "Queen" to symbolise any women that were important to their enemies. Stefano, the Original Phoenix taught his sons: Andre, EJ, and Chad and his grandson Theo to play chess and they enjoyed playing chess with each other. The "King" piece always symbolised the Phoenix; Stefano and Andre. Despite not being raised by Stefano, Stefan also has a knack for playing chess and is a known chess champion.
  • Stefano and Chess
  • Stefano and The Queen Chess Piece
  • Stefano and Chad Play Chess
  • Andre Plays Chess
  • Stefano Plays With John Black
  • John Black 'DiMera' Playing Chess
  • Andre Strategising Against Hope
  • Stefano DiMera, The Original Phoenix And The King!
  • Stefano playing chess in jail
  • Stefan and nephew Theo playing chess in the hospital
  • Chad and nephew Theo playing Chess