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Ben Weston The Necktie Killer

The Necktie killings begin happening in August 2015. Victims include Serena Mason, Paige Larson, and Will Horton. Also the attempted murders of Marlena Evans, Chad DiMera and Abigail Deveraux. Chad was the prime suspect in the murders, but it was later proved that the killer was actually Ben Weston. He was first arrested in December 8, 2015 and sentenced to a mental institution, but he later escaped in the beginning of March, 2016. In April 7, he got into the DiMera mansion where he and Abigail were alone. Abigail tricked and seduced him up to the bed room where she stabbed him with scissors and knocked him out. Instead of calling the cops, Abigail decided to deal with Ben herself; so she tied him to the bed, and began torturing and taunting him, right before she poured gasoline on the bed and all over him and set him on fire without hesitation. His legs were burned severely, and he was going to die until Chad stopped the fire. Ben tried to make his escape but Chad knocked him out and gave him a busted lip. The ambulance and JJ and Lani along with the rest of Salem PD arrived and arrested him mercilessly, even though he was a state of shock. He tried to tell the police what Abigail did to him, but JJ told the men that he's a psycho and that it doesn't matter what he says. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated for third and second degree burns. JJ later visited him in his hospital room where he declared that the burns he was suffering from was no where near as much as he deserves. He vowed to Ben that he would make sure that he would pay for his crimes. On April 19, JJ revealed that instead of being sent back to the mental institution from which he escaped from, Ben was condemned by the District Attorney Justin Kiriakis to be sane enough to be sent to a maximum security prison.

In 2017, Ben became a patient at Bayview Sanitarium. It's revealed that Will survived his killing spree, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Wilhelm Rolf. Whom revived Will while he was in the morgue back in 2015.

In June 2018, at Bayview, Dr. Evans came to see if Ben‘s claim that he has been cured from his mental illness is true. He informs her that he had his breakthrough when Sami kidnapped him and forced him into nearly strangling Will. After a long interrogation, Marlena believed Ben is truly remorseful and so he was released to rejoin society.

Victims Edit

  • 1st Victim: Eric Finds Serena Strangled To Death
  • 2nd Victim: JJ Finds Paige Strangled
  • 1st Attempted Victim: Necktie Killer Attacking Marlena
  • 3rd Victim: The Necktie Killer Strangling Will (revived)
  • 2nd Attempted Victim: Ben AKA The Necktie Killer Ties Abby and Chad To A Burning Bed
  • 4th Victim: Ben Kills Wendy
  • 5th Victim: Ben Kidnapped Thomas Deveraux
  • 3rd Attempted Victim: Ben Attacking Jerry The Bodyguard

Justice Is Served/Karma is a Bitch! Edit

  • Ben, The Necktie Killer Arrested By JJ and Lani
  • Batty Ben, The Necktie Killer; First Time in Jail
  • Batty Ben in Jail
  • Batty Ben in Jail
  • PAYBACK #1: Abigail Stabs Ben
  • PAYBACK #2: Abigail Knocks Batty Ben Out!
  • PAYBACK #3: Abigail Torments and Humiliates Batty Ben!
  • PAYBACK #4: Abigail Digs Her Wedding Ring Into Ben's Stab Wound.
  • PAYBACK #5: Abigail Terrifies Batty Ben!!!!
  • PAYBACK #6: Ben, the Necktie Killer BURNS! KARMA IS A BITCH!!!!
  • PAYBACK #6 cont.: Ben, the Necktie Killer BURNED!!!
  • PAYBACK #6 cont.: Ben, the Necktie Killer Suffering!!!
  • PAYBACK #7: Chad Punches Ben Out!!!
  • Burned Ben Arrested!!!
  • Burned Ben Taken Away!!!
  • JJ Vows To Ben That He Will Pay Forever For His Crimes!
  • J.J Tells Chad That Ben Is Going Straight To Maximum Security Prison
  • JJ Vows To Ben That He Will Pay Forever For His Crimes!
  • Batty Ben Helpless
  • Batty Ben Being Humiliated and Tormented By His Tormenter Abigail DiMera
  • Batty Ben Few Seconds Away From Being Set On Fire
  • Batty Ben's Agony!
  • Batty Ben's Legs on Fire!
  • Batty Ben Screams in Agony!!!
  • Batty Ben Burned!!!! JUSTICE IS SERVED!!!!!!
  • Burned Batty Ben Arrested

Survived Victims Edit