Clyde and his son Ben

History Edit

The Weston family was a fictional family on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives, featured continuously since February 26, 2014 episode to October 13, 2016. Only two members of the family is known and that's the patriarch Clyde Weston and his Ben Weston. Clyde Weston is a Drug Lord from Poplar Bluff who came to Salem to search for his children who left him at there young age. His son Ben and his step daughter Jordan Ridgeway escaped him back in 2006 because of his abuse. They have been on the run for many years, till in 2014 he finally found them in Salem through the help of Kate Roberts. Clyde decided to stay in Salem and try to form a relationship with his son and step daughter. While doing so he expanded his business in Salem. His step daughter left town and moved to New York, while his son Ben was living a good life in Salem with his at the time girlfriend Abigail Deveraux till he started killing innocent people in Salem to frame his love rival Chad, whom Abigail was still in love with. He killed four innocents one including Will Horton and attempted to kill Marlena Evans, Chad and Abigail. While doing so his father Clyde was arrested and sent to Florida for a murder charge he committed there. He soon kidnapped Abigail and then kidnapped Abigail's son whom he thought was his but later turned out to be Chad's son. In the end, Ben was arrested thanks to JJ and Lani and sent to a mental institution.

A few months later, he escaped the mental institution where he was kept in and made his way to Salem. He wanted to take back Abigail and her son, whom he still believes is his. He arrived in April, and viciously entered in the DiMera mansion where Abigail was and there Abigail tricked and seduced him up to the bedroom where she knocked him out and tied him to bed and tormented him, right before she set him on fire. Ben only survived because Chad arrived to stop the fire. He tried to make his escape but Chad knocked him out then the police arrived to arrest him. He suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns and a stab wound by Abigail. He was sent to the hospital to be treated. On April 19, JJ revealed that instead of being sent back to the mental institution from which he escaped from, Ben was condemned by the District Attorney Justin Kiriakis to be sane enough to be sent to a Maximum Security Prison, most likely Salem State Penitentiary.

In September 2016, months after Ben was imprisoned in a Maximum Security Prison, Ben's Drug Lord father, Clyde escaped prison with the help of his allies Orpheus and Xander. He made his way to Salem where he had every intention of kidnapping Thomas Deveraux, who in his delusional mind believed should be Ben's son, even though he knows it isn't his, and reunite him with his "deranged serial killer of a son" believing it will redeem him for the abuse that he had done to Ben as a child. However, his plans had been foiled by the DiMeras, and he was arrested once more and in the Salem P.D. he was promised by the new District Attorney Aiden Jennings, who had him put in jail the first time, that he would not only be back in a Maximum Security Prison but would also be held in solitary confinement for a very very long time. Clyde only shrugged Aiden's promise and told him not to be too confident that his plan will work.

Today both Ben and Clyde are both in different Maximum Security Prisons, paying for their crimes. Clyde is serving 25 years to life sentence a long with additional new charges from his prison break. While Ben is possibly serving a life sentence for the string of murders he committed among other things. Both of them must have been disowned by Jordan as she has not made any attempts to contact either of them ever since their imprisonment.

Members Edit

This is a list of  all the known Weston family members, both past and present, deceased and living. Characters still presently on Days of our Lives are bolded, characters who are members of the family through marriage only are italicized. Dates of birth as those as seen on screen and do not necessarily reflect the portrayed age at any given time.

Descendants Edit

  • Clyde Weston's Father (deceased) (Assumed)
    • Clyde Weston's Mother (deceased) (Assumed)

  • Ben Weston/Ollie Weston (incarcerated)
  • Jordan Ridgeway/Tammy Sue Weston (step-daughter to Clyde/half-sister to Ben) (Moved to New York)

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