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William Horton
Chandler Massey as Will Horton (2010–present)
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Shawn and Taylor Carpenter

(November 1995–July 2002) Darian Weiss (2002–2003) Christopher Gerse[1] (2003–2007) Dylan Patton[2] (February 2009–January 2010) Chandler Massey (February 1, 2010–2013)[3][4][5]

Guy Wilson (2014-present) [8]

Duration 1995–2002, 2002–2007, 2009–present
First appearance November 16, 1995
Created by James E. Reilly
Nickname(s) Will
Aliases Will Roberts
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Residence Salem Apartment with Sonny, Gabi, and Arianna Grace
Born November 16,1995 (Revised to 1992)
William Robert "Will" Reed
Dylan Patton as Will Horton (2009–2010)

William "Will" Robert Horton (born William Robert Reed) is a fictional character on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Will was born November 16, 1995. Created by head writer James E. Reilly, the role is originated by actors Shawn and Taylor Carpenter.[6] Darian Weiss briefly steps into the role from 2002-2003.[7] Christopher Gerse takes over the role from 2003–2007,[1] until leaving Days in 2007 after Will moves to Switzerland with his aunt, Carrie Brady and Uncle Austin Reed. Dylan Patton briefly plays the role from 2009-2010 when Will returns to Salem,[2] Patton was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in Best Younger Actor.[8] The role was recently recasted to actor Chandler Massey.[9] He is the son of Samantha Brady and Lucas Horton. Originally believed to be the son of Austin Reed, it was later found out that the he was actually Lucas' son and Sami had lied about his paternity.[3] Over the past decade Will has been involved in various custody disputes between his parents. He is frequently hurt by the incessant fighting between his mother and his paternal grandmother, Kate Roberts. The writers have revealed that in May, he and Gabi have trouble with their relationship because he doesn't want to sleep with her, and they break up. Will ends up kissing a guy after playing a drinking game in winter 2012. After much discussion with Kate, Sonny and Marlena, Will finally comes out to his parents. Lucas is there for Will, but Sami is shocked and leaves the room, though EJ helps her deal with it, as does Kate, and Sami accepts her son.

Will is best friends with Chad DiMera, and good friends with Melanie Jonas. He is close to his half-cousin Abigail Deveraux. As he begins his sophomore year in college, he realizes that he is falling in love with Sonny Kiriakis, and the two begin dating.

Character historyEdit

Will is born on November 16, 1995, everyone believes him to be the son of Austin Reed. He becomes more aggressive growing up, due to the constant fighting between his grandmother Kate DiMera, and his mother Sami Brady. During these fights, Will is often used as a pawn between the two. He becomes extremely disrespectful of his parents, especially after his parents are accused of the Salem Stalker Murders.

In the summer of 2006, Will runs away from home. He is embarrassed that his mother has jilted his Uncle Austin at the altar while he worries that his peers would make fun of him at school as they have done in the past when Sami's ill conceived schemes got out of hand. He goes to Chicago but returns when he runs out of food, and money.[3]

In the summer of 2007 he is sent to live with his Uncle Austin and Aunt Carrie in Switzerland. It is decided in November 2007, after a brush with police, Will's life would be better back in Switzerland with Carrie and Austin.[3] Will has three younger siblings, little sister Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton, little maternal half-brother, John "Johnny" Roman DiMera, one little maternal half-sister named Sydney Anne DiMera who is currently believed to have no relation to him and a baby that has no relation to him, Grace Rafaela Brady who is currently believed to be his little maternal half-sister (deceased).

Return to SalemEdit

Will returns to Salem on February 27, 2009. He astonishes his dad by paying him a visit in the hospital where he is hospitalized. As soon as he walks in the room where his dad was admitted, he sees his parents arguing again, but as soon as his parents saw him they stop arguing and welcome him back to Salem. He decides to live with his mother Sami, sister Allie, half-brother Johnny and "adopted" sister Grace at his grandmother's house.[3]

Will soon becomes friends with Mia. He starts spending a lot of time with her and develops a crush on her, not realizing she has not been honest with him about her past. Will and Mia enter a relationship in the following weeks of his sister Grace's death. When Mia's ex-boyfriend Chad comes to town, Mia remembers the bond they have through their daughter and Will becomes suspicious of Mia and later breaks up with her because of her feelings for Chad. Mia then tells him about her pregnancy and Will apologizes for judging her and they reunite.[3]

On September 30, 2009, Mia decides to break up with Will to keep Chad from digging around about their baby that Nicole had adopted, not realizing that her biological baby Grace died and Sydney was Sami's biological baby. Will however is heartbroken when he found out she reunited with her ex boyfriend Chad a day after breaking up with him.[3]

Later the truth of Sydney's maternity is revealed and Will and Mia have since reconciled. Will and Mia begin to date again briefly but Will puts an end to it when he realizes that Mia is stringing both he and Chad along at the same time.

Will has even more problems at home in 2010, resulting in several arguments with his mother Sami. Will encourages Sami to date Rafe and is not fond of EJ. After Sydney is brought back from her kidnapping, Will takes her for a stroll in the park where he runs into Nicole. Will allows Nicole to say goodbye to Sydney, where Sydney calls Nicole "mama". Will returns home and has another fight with Sami and says that he's moving out because EJ is staying in their home. Will tells Sami that he is moving in with Grandma Kate and Stefano. And he is currently in a relationship with Gabi Hernandez, Dario, Arianna, and Rafe's younger sister.

Coming OutEdit

On August 9th, 2011, Gabi and Will had sex for the first time and since then, he won't make love to her. Will was in a relationship with Gabi Hernadez, but she broke up with him because he wasn't having sex with her. Will struggles keeping a secret: he saw his mom cheating on Rafe and making love to EJ. He is enraged, but seeks comfort with his grandma, Marlena, who has returned, and his newly returned second cousin, John. He also spends a lot of time with his friends, and newly returned relatives, Carrie and Austin.

After struggling with his own sexual identity, Will finally comes out as gay. He begins dating Sonny Kiriakis, though in a moment of uncertainty over his sexual orientation, he sleeps with ex-girlfriend Gabi. The two keep their affair a secret, though remain good friends. Will realizes for certain that he is not straight.?

In November 2012, it is revealed that Gabi is pregnant with Will's child. Later Will and Sonny witness Nick and Gabi were kidnapped by Jensen, who was Nick's prison buddy. Then later Will and Sonny came to save Gabi and Nick and Jenson shot Will in the abdomen, while on May 21st, Gabi gives birth to their daughter Arianna Grace Horton with the help of Sonny Kiriakis in the abandoned shack. Sonny and Will marry each other on April 3, 2014

Later, Will survives the surgery that save his life.


  • Mia McCormick (ex-girlfriend, because she had feelings for Chad)
  • Gabi Hernandez (ex-girlfriend, best friend and mother to his daughter, because Will is gay)
  • Sonny Kiriakis (husband)- Married April 3, 2014


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