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William Horton
Guy Wilson as Will Horton
Guy Wilson as Will Horton (2014–present)
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Shawn and Taylor Carpenter
(November 1995–July 2002)
Darian Weiss (2002–2003)
Christopher Gerse (2003–2007)
Dylan Patton (February 2009–January 2010)
Chandler Massey (February 1, 2010–2014)
Guy Wilson (2014-present)
Duration 1995–2002, 2002–2007, 2009–2014
First appearance November 16, 1995
Created by James E. Reilly
Nickname(s) Will
Aliases Will Roberts
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Residence Salem Apartment with Sonny, and Arianna Grace
Born November 16,1995 (Revised to 1992)
William Robert "Will" Reed

William "Will" Robert Horton (born William Robert Reed) is a fictional character on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Will was born November 16, 1995. Created by head writer James E. Reilly, the role is originated by actors Shawn and Taylor Carpenter. Darian Weiss briefly steps into the role from 2002-2003. Christopher Gerse takes over the role from 2003–2007, until leaving Days in 2007 after Will moves to Switzerland with his aunt, Carrie Brady and Uncle Austin Reed. Dylan Patton briefly plays the role from 2009-2010 when Will returns to Salem, Patton was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in Best Younger Actor. The role was recently recasted to actor Chandler Massey. He is the son of Samantha Brady and Lucas Horton. Originally believed to be the son of Austin Reed, it was later found out that the he was actually Lucas' son and Sami had lied about his paternity. Over the past decade Will has been involved in various custody disputes between his parents. He is frequently hurt by the incessant fighting between his mother and his paternal grandmother, Kate Roberts. The writers have revealed that in May, he and Gabi have trouble with their relationship because he doesn't want to sleep with her, and they break up. Will ends up kissing a guy after playing a drinking game in winter 2012. After much discussion with Kate, Sonny and Marlena, Will finally comes out to his parents. Lucas is there for Will, but Sami is shocked and leaves the room, though EJ helps her deal with it, as does Kate, and Sami accepts her son.

Will is best friends with Chad DiMera, and good friends with Melanie Jonas. He is close to his half-cousin Abigail Deveraux. As he begins his sophomore year in college, he realizes that he is falling in love with Sonny Kiriakis, and the two begin dating.

Character historyEdit

Will is born on November 16, 1995, everyone believes him to be the son of Austin Reed. He becomes more aggressive growing up, due to the constant fighting between his grandmother Kate DiMera, and his mother Sami Brady. During these fights, Will is often used as a pawn between the two. He becomes extremely disrespectful of his parents, especially after his parents are accused of the Salem Stalker Murders.

In the summer of 2006, Will runs away from home. He is embarrassed that his mother has jilted his Uncle Austin at the altar while he worries that his peers would make fun of him at school as they have done in the past when Sami's ill conceived schemes got out of hand. He goes to Chicago but returns when he runs out of food, and money.[3]

In the summer of 2007 he is sent to live with his Uncle Austin and Aunt Carrie in Switzerland. It is decided in November 2007, after a brush with police, Will's life would be better back in Switzerland with Carrie and Austin.[3] Will has three younger siblings, little sister Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton, little maternal half-brother, John "Johnny" Roman DiMera, one little maternal half-sister named Sydney Anne DiMera who is currently believed to have no relation to him and a baby that has no relation to him, Grace Rafaela Brady who is currently believed to be his little maternal half-sister (deceased).


Will was born on November 16, 1995, but was changed to January 1992, to Sami and Austin via c-section. It would later be revealed that Sami forged hospital records to conceal the fact that Lucas Roberts is Will's biological father. Over the following years, Will is centric to a custody battle between his parents. In addition he is a source of bad feeling between Sami and his grandmother Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow). Will later becomes rebellious, informally addressing his parents and hurting his cousin Abby. Will has issues with his parents being separated. He catches them together on a number of occasions and thinks they will reconcile. Lucas proposes to Sami, but they later separate when Sami is unfaithful, leaving Will upset. However, they reunite and attempt to marry again until Sami ruins it once more. Lucas marries Will's aunt Carrie, while Sami gets engaged to Austin. Will is happy with the outcome of his parents’ new relationships. Sami ruins her latest relationship, but this time Will cannot cope and runs away to Chicago. Sami fears that he has been kidnapped and goes onto the news to plea for his safe return, which prompts Will to come home.

Lucas moves back in with Will and Sami after Carrie has an affair with Austin and they move away. Will is pleased to have his parents together once more and they become engaged. Kate tries to ruin the wedding again but they marry regardless. However, due to the rift between the Brady and DiMera families, Will's home life is ruined once again. Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) tells Sami that she has to divorce Lucas and marry E.J. to end the feud. Sami agrees, but Will cannot cope with their latest split and lashes out at Sami. Will is sent to stay with Austin in Switzerland in order to protect him from the DiMeras. Upon his return he is still angry with Sami and clashed with her and Lucas. Will's behaviour becomes worse and after he is caught underage drinking, they send him back to Switzerland.

Will decides to return and live with Sami. Will strikes up a friendship with Mia McCormick (Taylor Spreitler) and they grow close, not realizing she has been dishonest about her past. They enter a relationship following the death of his sister, Grace. Will ends their relationship when it becomes apparent that Mia has feelings for her ex-boyfriend Chad DiMera (Casey Deidrick). Mia tells him about her pregnancy and he gets back with her. Mia then separates from him in order to prevent Chad from finding information about the baby Nicole had adopted. Will then discovers that Mia is back with Chad the following day. Then everyone discovers Grace was not Sami's biological daughter, and Sydney was her real daughter after a mix up. Will is willing to date Mia again following the news but he soon changes his mind when he realizes that Mia is playing games with himself and Chad.

Will and Sami have further arguments and he encourages Sami to date Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) because he does not like EJ DiMera (James Scott). Will moves in with Kate and Stefano because of EJ, but she later gets him to move back. Will starts a relationship with Gabi. He also becomes friends with Sonny, but is shocked to learn that he is gay. He tells Gabi that he is okay with Sonny's sexuality. Will avoids getting intimate with her while they are together. He then asks her to move in with him and she accepts, but when Will rebuffs her again, Gabi ends their relationship. Will destroys Maggie's kitchen in anger. He later catches Sami having sex with EJ, which causes friction between the pair. Will bonds with his grandmother Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) and reveals that Sami is being unfaithful to Rafe. After another argument with Sami, Will goes to a party with Sonny and gets drunk. He meets Neil and kisses him, which is witnessed by Sonny. Will tells Sonny that he was just drunk and goes to see Marlena. He tells her about the kiss and she tells him that she will support him and that she always knew. He then tells Sonny that he is not ready to come out as gay. Will clashes with Sami when she seems more interested in herself than his problems. Sami contacts Lucas asking him to return to Salem. Will has a one-night stand with Gabi, which results in a pregnancy. As Will enters into a relationship with Sonny, Gabi begins to pass the baby off as Nick Fallon's. When the paternity of Gabi's baby is revealed, Sonny and Will split. They soon get back together, however Will still faces an obstacle. Nick begins to blackmail him into giving up his daughter's rights, because he is gay. When Will and Sonny save Nick and Gabi after they are kidnapped by Jensen, Gabi goes into labor and gives birth to their daughter, with Sonny's help, while Will tries to help Nick. Will gets shot after getting into a fight with Jensen; he survives the gunshot and meets his daughter for the first time. As a result of Will's kindness, Nick lets Will put his name on Arianna's birth certificate, in order to make things right. Sonny and Will then allow Gabi to move into the apartment across the hall from them, to keep Arianna close between all three of them.

In 2014, Sonny proposes to Will, to which Will declined and decided they should wait until they're both ready. On Valentine's Day, Will proposes again to Sonny. The pair marry later at the Kiriakis mansion in front of their friends and family. On April 17, 2014, Will asked Gabi for a joint-custody agreement for Arianna, Gabi shocked by the suggestion, leaves to get some air and runs into Nick. Gabi tells Nick about Will asking her for a joint-custody agreement and Nick agrees that they should have some type of custody agreement for Arianna. Gabi returns home and tells Will that she agrees with him and that Nick helped her realize that she was making too much out of what Will said, saying that Nick understood why Will asked for a custody agreement after all that Nick put them through. Will says that Nick could put him, Gabi, Sonny, Kate and Sami in prison anytime he wants, Gabi tells Will that that's not what Nick wants, which leaves Will to question what does Nick want. On April 28, 2014, Will comes home to find custody agreement papers on the couch as he reads the agreement he finds out that his visitation rights have been lowered to every other weekend by Gabi's lawyer, Will instantly thinks that Nick is behind this. Gabi reassures Will that she would never keep him out of Arianna's life and that the custody agreement in his hands is not the final custody agreement. On May 9, 2014, Nick was shot once in the back and twice in the chest in the park, Will was in the Horton Town Square talking to Gabi and Sonny along with Sami, EJ, Kate, Lucas, Gabi, Abigail, Ben, Jordan and Rafe when Nick stumbles into the Town Square revealing to everyone that he'd been shot and then he falls into Julie's arms and when asked by Julie who did this to him, he tries to point at someone in the in the crowd. On May 28, 2014, Thinking that Sonny killed Nick, Will went to the Salem Police Station to see Hope to confess to killing Nick Fallon. On June 2, 2014, before signing his confession, Gabi barges in and admits to killing Nick. Gabi explained that she was scared of Nick's influence over her and felt she had to kill him to stop him from being a threat to Arianna. She also admitted to her role in Melanie's kidnapping which is a shock to everyone. (Later, Sonny had to confess to Will that he knew when Chad told him on December 11, 2012 but couldn't tell Will because of a legal agreement which Nick forced Chad to sign stipulating no one would know Gabi was behind it all. Justin drew this agreement and told sonny not to tell anyone not even Will.) Gabi also told Marlena about her, Kate, and Sami throwing Nick in the river. EJ, who served as Gabi's lawyer, thought it would be better for her to have a plea deal than go to trial and have the truth about Melanie's kidnapping come out. Gabi accepted the plea deal and got ten to twenty years in prison. On June 12, 2014, Gabi says her last farewells leaving Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis responsible for Arianna since both are her fathers. Since then both Will and Sonny has missed her dearly.


  • Mia McCormick (ex-girlfriend, because she had feelings for Chad)
  • Gabi Hernandez (ex-girlfriend, best friend and mother to his daughter, because Will is gay)
  • Sonny Kiriakis (husband)- Married April 3, 2014


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